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D&D Quest Prompt Leads To Hundreds Of Great DM Ideas

Dungeons & Dragons quest prompt on Twitter provides hundreds of excellent new ideas for Dungeon Masters after receiving a deluge of responses.

Dungeon Masters were deluged with hundreds of new Dungeons & Dragons quest ideas after a prompt was posted on Twitter. Dungeons & Dragons is a classic fantasy role-playing game where a party of adventurers sets out on quests laid before them by the Dungeon Master. The DM crafts and facilitates the narrative, which is a job that involves countless tasks, including creating names for NPCs and locations, designing story beats, building dungeons, running combat, and much more.

The job of the Dungeon Master is not a thankless one, but it isn’t easy either, and it’s not hard to get overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude and volume of the work involved. Adventures in D&D can be as simple and straightforward as a fetch-quest – going to a place to retrieve some mythical relic, for example –  or as complicated as trying to uncover and expose a global network of spies that has infiltrated courts across the world. They can run the gamut from merely playing through a few straightforward combat encounters to putting players through intense intrigue, exploration, and social challenges. The onus is on the DM to craft these adventures as well as to orchestrate the party’s journey through them. It is a lot of work to put all that together on one’s own, so having DM resources for mapmaking, generating names, and providing quest ideas is extremely helpful.


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Writer-blocked Dungeon Masters of the internet can rejoice after OregonRolledA20 on Twitter posted a prompted for seven-word quest ideas and received hundreds of excellent responses, some comedic and some inspiring. There is a long standing social media trend in the D&D community of posting prompts for players to respond with short adventure intros based upon on a picture or short blurb, or a character based on a briefly summarized theme. This post falls neatly into that category but the responses it received went above and beyond what can often be found.

Many of the responses could easily be dismissed as jokes, but if judgement is not passed so quickly it can be seen that a keen Dungeon Master could make an enjoyable and serious adventure out of almost all of the posted ideas. If there’s a DM out there looking for a unique D&D adventure or plot idea to add to their Dungeons & Dragons game, this thread offers a plethora of unique and creative ideas.

Although the job has its own benefits, it is easy for the role of Dungeon Master to go underappreciated, especially by those who have never donned the mantle themselves. DMs should know their own limits and never feel guilty about borrowing material in any shape or form for their own personal campaigns. Everything has been done before, so DMs shouldn’t feel guilty about reusing pre-established content to make their Dungeons & Dragons game special.

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