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How No Time To Die’s Ending Was Hinted At Earlier In The James Bond Flick

Whether fans had an idea or not, Daniel Craig’s fate as James Bond was set in stone pretty much from the beginning. One of the best kept secrets in the nearly 60 year long legacy, the actor’s five film run flew by, with an ultimate endgame always in mind. In fact, you could say that when it came to 007’s big finale in No Time To Die, the writing was yet again on the wall, as an early moment in the film pretty much spells the ending out. You’d just need to be able to read Latin in order to pick up on it.

This time, the metaphorical wall happened to be the tomb of James’ dearly departed Vesper Lynd. Eva Green’s Casino Royale character played a crucial role in the final film of the Craig era, and co-writer/director Cary Joji Fukunaga revealed yet another hint that was dropped towards the eventual demise of Commander Bond. In conversation with Variety, Fukunaga gave up this literal secret from the grave: 

There’s even a really important Easter egg on that tomb Bond visits in Matera. Over Vesper’s grave — we never make a big deal of it, there’s no focus on it, but for anyone who goes back — two skeletons are holding up a banner carved in stone. It’s a Latin phrase that Mark [Tildesley] and I had seen on the main basilica where the bridge is located. The phrase says, ‘What you are I once was, and what I am, he will become.’ So it was written in the beginning.

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