Thursday, September 29, 2022

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Keanu Reeves Recalls Getting Bill And Ted Star George Carlin’s Autograph, Only To Find Out A Surprising Truth About It Later

Keanu Reeves is fresh off of The Matrix Resurrections, reviving his iconic character Neo and delivering a new take on the influential action franchise. Reeves has spent the last month telling stories of his time making sci-fi movies, including the craziest stunts he has done for the films and other tidbits. The actor was also asked about another classic franchise, his Bill and Ted movies with Alex Winter, and working with legendary comedian George Carlin. Reeves recently recalled getting Carlin’s autograph while working on Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure, only to find a surprising truth about it later. 

While making an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Reeves spoke about making The Matrix Resurrections and his experience returning to the franchise. The actor also revealed a funny story about getting an autograph from George Carlin while making Bill and Ted and finding out the hilarious message the iconic comedian left was more common than he initially thought. Here is Reeves’ hilarious story:

It was really funny because George Carlin, he wrote ‘Dear Keanu, fuck you.’ And I always thought he wrote that for me, and I met someone else who said that he wrote the same thing to them.

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