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How To Change Your Age & Birthday On Discord

Setting an age when signing up is simple enough, but changing a Discord birthday after creating an account is far more complicated to do.

Discord can be a great location for finding and joining new communities, but if a user needs to change their age or birthday, it is not so easy to do. A number of social media and network services have established additional safety and security features in place. They’re designed to keep these apps safe and secure for everyone, but they can also have a negative effect on the overall user experience.

As a direct response to the moderation criticisms and complaints by users, agencies, and even governments, many services have implemented new features that are designed to protect their users and communities. In some instances, these changes have resulted in who can use a service, how it can be used, and what can be posted or uploaded. While these changes tend to most often affect new posts and uploads, there has been more fundamental protection put in place as well.


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One such change relates to a user’s date of birth. For example, both Discord and TikTok place a great focus on making sure the content a user is exposed to is suitable and designed to be seen by them. In Discord’s case, this means ensuring that certain communities are not seen by any users under the age of 18. Due to this, and the fact that there are no age verification procedures in place when signing up, some users may find they are unable to join new communities. Although there might be a number of reasons why a certain community is unavailable, the wrong age linked to a user’s profile can be a common problem.

Changing A Discord User’s Age Is Not Easy

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If a Discord user doesn’t set the correct age when setting up their account, then changing it is not exactly an easy process. To be clear, Discord users cannot manually change their profile age or date of birth themselves. Instead, they will need to contact Discord by accessing the ‘Submit a request’ form in the settings. Besides providing an email address and the details that need to be changed, users also have to mark the request as a Trust & Safety’ issue and ‘Age Update’ as the reason for the report. If a user has actually been locked out of a community that they were once part of due to an age restriction, they will need to provide a copy of a photo ID and their full Discord Tag with the ‘Submit a request’ form. This allows their age to be manually verified and updated by the Discord team.

Although these options aren’t as simple as they could be, the process is designed to protect users and the wider Discord community. Therefore, it is something that is unlikely to change in the near future and another reason why it is important to ensure the correct age is set when initially creating a Discord account.

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