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Sister Wives: Why Fans Believe Mykelti Shaded Kody

Sister Wives viewers quickly notice Mykelti Brown’s dig at her father Kody after she fills out her Cameo bio and only mentions her mom Christine.

For the most part, Kody and Christine Brown of Sister Wives have kept their children out of their separation, but Mykelti decided to make her opinion known when she shaded her father. Mykelti was born in 1996 in Lehi, Utah, making her the second-oldest daughter of Kody and Christine and the fifth-oldest sibling out of all 18. Early on during the series, viewers learned that Mykelti has a passion for fashion. Mykelti has been featured on Sister Wives regularly, but she began to shun the spotlight after her marriage to Tony Padron. She has been taping the family show since she was 14, and now, at 25, she is happily building her own family.


The mother of one is clearly taking Christine’s side in her parents’ recent split, leaving Kody with yet another angry child. While both Kody and Christine have maintained communication for the sake of their children, it seems not all of their offspring are happy about it. Mykelti has now provided a hint at where she stands.

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Like some of her other family members, Mykelti has started her own Cameo page. As of this writing, the TLC star already has six reviews, but the most interesting part is her biography, which can be found on her profile. In it, Mykelti mentions both Tony and their child Avalan, also describing herself as “generally a pretty happy person.” However, she also shades her father by writing, “Specifically Christine’s daughter.” Christine also appears in the background of one of Mykelti’s videos. She’s in the kitchen mashing potatoes and looks to be enjoying herself as she spends time with her family.


Mykelti and Christine seem to be appreciating each other’s company since the mother of six moved back to Utah. Mykelti shares how important it is to have a good relationship with your family and in-laws in the videos. The TLC star reveals that her sister-in-law is currently living with the couple. Mykelti also notes that relationships with extended family members can make life great or make it worse. It’s easy to think she’s hinting at her mother’s split from Kody with those comments.

It was back in November that Christine revealed she and Kody had decided to go their separate ways. The current season of Sister Wives is showing the demise of Kody and Christine’s relationship. The former couple has not seen eye to eye for a while, and Christine eventually lost her patience with the patriarch. As for Mykelti, she is clearly sticking with her mother and letting her father know she is not happy with how he acted.

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Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

Source: Mykelti Padron/Cameo

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