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Tessa Thompson Teases Valkyrie’s Potential New Powers in Thor: Love And Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder brings Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie back to the MCU for the first time since Avengers: Endgame in 2019. Since we last saw the Queen of New Asgard, it looks like she has been acquiring some new comic-accurate powers that will be seen in full effect in the fourth Thor movie of the MCU. Valkyrie has been a fan favorite since her first appearance in Thor: Ragnarok, and it is no surprise to see her back alongside Chris Hemsworth’s Thor in the latest installment from director Taika Waititi.

Since her arrival in the MCU, Valkyrie has been seen riding her horse Pegasus, shown off her super strength and ability to wield a weapon, and proved more than a match for Thor when it comes to holding her own against the biggest and baddest the Marvel world can throw at her. However, when it comes to her full range of powers as depicted in the comics, we have yet to see many of her attributes come to the screen, which is something that seems set to change in Thor: Love and Thunder.


In a new interview with W Magazine, Thompson elaborated on some of her character’s “weird” and “quite erotic” skills, which may well play a part in the latest Thor movie. For many fans of her comic book iteration, seeing some of her specific talents translating to the big screen would certainly deliver something additional to her formidable skills in combat and link more to the mythological side of her character. She said:

“She has weird skills, to be honest. She can sense when someone is close to death, and she takes them into Valhalla, which is essentially the afterlife. She can revive people. But when she revives people, sometimes she ends up in their body. It’s a weird thing. It can be quite erotic. And then she has superhuman strength and is essentially God.”

Seeing Valkyrie’s Full Range Of Powers Would Fit Taika Waititi’s “Crazy Wild” Movie

Thor: Ragnarok Set Photo Shows Off Valkyrie's Sword

Although Marvel has been known to take a few liberties with the way they have translated certain characters to the MCU’s big screen narrative, but recently a lot of the long-standing heroes have been getting back in touch with their roots, whether through changes to costume or persona, and seeing Valkyrie’s entire range of abilities on display in her latest appearance would certainly line up with director Taika Waititi’s vision for another “crazy wild” movie like Thor: Ragnarok before it.

“Sometimes two people come together to inspire the world and change the cinematic landscape forever. And then there’s me and Chris Hemsworth who are too cool to care about anything except making movies that bring people absolute joy. Ok I don’t look cool I know that. This film is the craziest thing I’ve ever done and I’m honored to bust my ass and have a nervous breakdown so you can all see it in May 2022,” the director said on wrapping filming on the movie last summer.

Thor: Love and Thunder will be the second MCU movie of 2022, now arriving on July 8th after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness which has taken the May 6 slot.

Thor: Love and Thunder Gets a New Logo That Pays Tribute to Wrestler Owen Hart
Thor: Love and Thunder Gets a New Logo That Pays Tribute to Wrestler Owen Hart

A new logo for the upcoming fourth Thor film has been shared to Twitter by a member of Marvel.

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