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Costa Rica’s Green Energy Surplus Turned A Hydro Plant Into A Crypto Mine

Data Center CR has become the green crypto mining center of Centro America after transforming a hydro plant used to sell energy to the government.

A hydroelectric plant in the middle of the Centro American tropical jungle that used to sell energy to the government has reimagined its business and is now a green energy crypto mining data center. Cryptocurrencies and crypto mining have faced intense heat due to their energy consumption and their role in climate change. However, the use of green energy, solar, wind, and others, to mine crypto is meeting the problem with solutions.

Cryptocurrencies are especially volatile with financial experts often warning that investing in short trade actions can lead to significant economical losses. The ups and downs of Bitcoin, Ethereum, as well as an army of new digital coins and NFTs are still heavily tied to global economies and attempts to crack down or regulate them. Crypto mining used to be an only-for-experts activity, but new services like Norton Security add-ons make it easy for anyone to mine crypto.


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Data Center CR transformed its hydroelectric dam to create the first green crypto mining center in Costa Rica, according to Forbes. The country of Costa Rica leads in green energy, and generates enough to power the entire country. In fact, it generates more green energy than it uses, so the government stopped buying clean energy from several plants. Data Center CR decided to invest $500,000 to create a crypto mining center after considering other business ideas and the value of cryptos.

The Centro American Crypto Trend

El Salvador Bitcoin

On the edge of the small Poas River, eight Data Center CR containers filled with computers park near their hydroelectric plant. They run 24/7, 365 days a year, non-stop mining for crypto. The company offer security, high-speed fiber optics, maintenance, and a fully equipped data center, and promises “green-powered crypto mining services.” Crypto mining used to be very profitable, but today is mostly a break-even operation that’s illegal in some countries. However, selling or leasing machine power to others can be very profitable, and that’s exactly what the company does. At present, Data Center CR has 650 high-tech crypto mining specialized machines from 150 different customers, but has the space for 1,000 units and could scale and expand.

Recently, El Salvador became the first country in the world to recognize Bitcoin as the national currency. Elsewhere, US, European, and Asian governments are far less lenient when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Costa Rica has no official plans to follow El Salvador’s policy, but a trend could be emerging in Central America. In the meantime, and surrounded by coffee and sugar cane plantations, Data Center CR is betting heavily on moving into the crypto fintech space with clean energy.

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Source: Data Center CR, Forbes

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