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Dying Light 2’s New Co-Op Story Vote Feature Can Affect Narrative

During a live stream, Techland showed off some Dying Light 2 co-op gameplay and revealed that players will be able to vote on choices together.

New details about Dying Light 2‘s co-op have been revealed, confirming players can finish the story together and even vote on critical choices. Co-op has been a key staple of zombies games for some time now. Left 4 Dead laid the foundation for co-op zombie killing and then games like Dead Island and Dying Light took it a step further by opening up the world and offering a variety of options to players. It seems like Dying Light 2‘s co-op will continue to offer innovation in this area.

Earlier in January, many became both concerned and excited by how long it takes to beat Dying Light 2. The game was initially reported to have roughly 500 hours of content, causing many to fear that it would take 500 hours to see all of the core content in the game. Techland later came out and said the story takes about 20 hours to finish and the 500 hours come from doing every possible thing in the game from collecting items to seeing all the outcomes in the story. Nonetheless, those looking for co-op fun will likely squeeze a lot of hours out of Dying Light 2.


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During a live stream, Techland revealed that Dying Light 2‘s co-op will feature the ability to finish the game together, carry items between sessions, and vote on the big choices together. The host will have the final say in what players choose, so no one can troll the host and force them to have the worst outcomes. The developer released some juicy Dying Light 2 co-op gameplay for players to get an idea of how it’ll all look in action and it certainly looks like a blast.

The original Dying Light was almost entirely co-op, save for the prologue and the ending. It seems like Dying Light 2‘s co-op will rectify at least the ability to finish the game with players. It’s unclear when co-op will become available in the game, but if it’s like the first one, it probably won’t be too long. Techland looks to have designed Dying Light 2 with co-op in mind, which should result in an incredibly refined version of the mode.

It was heavily rumored that Dying Light 2‘s co-op would be cross-play, but it was recently confirmed that this won’t be a featured supported at launch. Techland wants to see it integrated later in the game’s life cycle, but players will have to play with those on their console of choice. It’s unclear if this also restricts players from playing across generations (PS4 to PS5), but only time will tell.

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Dying Light 2 releases on February 4, 2022, for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Dying Light/YouTube

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