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Real Steel Series Is Happening at Disney+

The story of Real Steel will continue in a new series adaptation, but it’s going to be a while before we see it come to life. After years of rumors that a Real Steel sequel would be developed, Collider now reports that a new series is in early development at Disney+. Per the report, Disney had been looking to greenlight the series for months, but there had been some contractual issues with the original producers holding up the process. Word is all of the new contracts with the rights-holders are settled and signed with the search on for a writer to help develop the series.

Shawn Levy, who directed the original film and has since found further success with Stranger Things and Free Guy, is on board to executive produce the series with Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke, Jacqueline Levine, Susan Montford, and Don Murphy. There isn’t any word yet on if Hugh Jackman might appear on the series, even if just for a cameo. It’s worth noting that Levy has previously said he’s had talks with Jackman about having the actor reprise his role. He even teased that Ryan Reynolds could also be involved.


“Well, I’ll say this, Hugh and I definitely are feeling, we’ve never stopped feeling the love for Real Steel, and it’s almost like the volume has been increasing,” Levy told Collider. “Hugh and I were together literally last week talking about that. So I would never say never on that, a sequel for Real Steel. Additionally, I’m friends with Hugh. I’m friends with Ryan. I will get them together. Whether it’s in Real Steel or another movie, I will direct those two amazing guys and dear friends in a movie together.”

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Real Steel

Directed by Shawn Levy, Real Steel was written by John Gatins based on a story by Dan Gilroy and Jeremy Leven. It stars Hugh Jackman, Dakota Goyo, Evangeline Lilly, Kevin Durand, and Anthony Mackie. While it fell short of box office hopes at the time, it has built itself a large cult following with a renewed interest in the film when it was streaming on Netflix. Last fall, Mackie also said he’d be happy to see Real Steel get a continuation.

“I’ve always advocated for a sequel,” the actor told EW. “If they can do a sequel of other movies with robots boxing, they can definitely do a sequel to this movie just simply because the first one worked so much. If nothing else, even if you lose money on a movie, you’ll make a billion dollars on the toys. So just do the movie just so you can sell the toys. It’s a great business opportunity. I’m sure Dakota is 20-something years old. Him being a kid and showing the relationship with his dad is kind of out the window. But it’s funny, I think the possibilities are endless.”

We can only hope the original cast will be involved, even if it’s in a limited capacity. There’s no telling as of this time when the Real Steel series will hit Disney+.

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