Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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Ben Stiller Apparently Gave A Heads Up About One Of Robert Downey Jr.’s Most Controversial Tropic Thunder Jokes

Tropic Thunder has been a continual topic of conversation in the years since its 2008 release. The movie has a notable cameo from Tom Cruise, a stacked cast, a lot of funny jokes… and a few more jokes that look particularly bad when taken out of context and put into meme form. Central to this is Robert Downey Jr.’s Kirk Lazarus, a character written to poke fun at Hollywood’s penchant for going too far to try and win Oscars. In the film, he plays an actor who has a medical procedure in order to play a Black character.

This character’s behavior and obsession with prestige leads to one of the most notable jokes in the movie, in which Kirk Lazarus explains that it’s more advantageous from an awards perspective to play characters who have challenges but still succeed. He brings up Forrest Gump and Rain Man as examples, then says you “never go full r-word” like Sean Penn in I Am Sam because people won’t vote for that at the Oscars. 

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