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‘The Free Fall’ Clip Teases a Disturbing Psychological Horror Story

Just ahead of its release on Jan. 14, we have an exclusive clip to share from Gravitas Ventures’ new psychological horror movie The Free Fall. Starring Andrea Londo (Narcos), Shawn Ashmore (X-Men, The Boys), and Jane Badler (V), the film follows Sara (Londo), a young woman who’s lured back into an abusive relationship with an overbearing husband (Ashmore) after attempting to take her own life. The exclusive sneak peek, which you can watch below, gives us a disturbing new look at Sara in the midst of her mind unraveling.

The Free Fall is a deep dive into the brutal confusion of a manipulative relationship. A horrific look at obsession and the gas-lighting that can possess us when we’re at our very worst. It’s an important story and I’m really excited for audiences to experience it,” director Adam Stilwell said of the film.


This project marks Stilwell’s first feature as a solo director. He previously participated in 2016’s The Triangle, working with filmmakers David Blair, Adam Pitman, Andrew Rizzo, and Nathaniel Peterson. His new film, The Free Fall, was produced by Paul Holbrook, Sean E. Demott, Gill Gayle, and Patrick Rizzotti. Executive producers were Heisman Holbrook, Shaun Redick (Get Out), and Yvette Yates. The director of photography was James Kniest.

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The Free Fall’s Bizarre Mystery Will Keep You Guessing Until the Very End

The Free Fall
Gravitas Ventures

“It’s a psychological thriller, but it’s also a mystery,” star Shawn Ashmore said of the film, via NBC. “For me, as an audience member – when I’m reading a script, I’m picturing the movie that’s going to be made – and I was guessing throughout as well. And then, when the reveal happened, I was like, ‘Oh, yes.’ It was satisfying. It was like it paid off in a way that I liked… Also, I love the character of Nick. It’s not the kind of character I get to play all the time, and I love the ambiguity of him. I like the darker side of him. There’s something off.”

He added: “Sara, she wakes from an attempted suicide, so she’s recovering with no recollection of her former life. So, automatically, you’re seeing the world through her eyes, and everything’s unsettling. The question is, is she just recovering from this tragic event and everything seems strange? Or is Nick, her husband, is there something off about him? That’s the sort of tightrope we try to walk.”

Ashmore can be recognized for his role as Iceman in the original X-Men trilogy. More recently, he has appeared on Prime Video’s The Boys and ABC’s The Rookie. Co-star Andrea Londo is probably best known for her recurring role in Narcos as Maria Salazar and she has also appeared on shows like Catfish, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, and Tommy. Londo also had roles in the films Ice Cream in the Cupboard, Superfly, and Good Egg.

The Free Fall is set to premiere in theaters and on-demand on Jan. 14. In addition to the clip above, you can see more of what’s to come in the film by checking out the full trailer for the film below.

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