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Pokémon Card Collectors Believe Logan Paul’s $3.5 Million Pack is Fake

Following Logan Paul’s massive purchase for six booster boxes of the original Pokémon Trading Card Game cards, investigators think the pack is fake.

Following his $3.5 million USD purchase of Pokémon Trading Card Game first edition Base Set cards, Logan Paul’s rare acquisition is now speculated to be fake. The YouTuber and popular culture personality is associated with a variety of different disciplines and forms of media – such as building a career as a professional boxer, podcaster, musician and more – his apparent love to Pokémon and gaming is a major part of his public image.

Paul has exhibited a strong affinity for Pokémon beyond his YouTube channel and vlogging. Before his fight with boxing giant Floyd Mayweather this past June, Paul arrived wearing a rare (and framed) Charizard card around his neck – one that he reportedly paid over $150,000 to acquire. Some collectors have since said that the card is one of the rarest and most expensive Pokémon cards in existence, with some estimating it could retail for several times more than what Paul originally paid. Paul has long been associated with Pokémon trading cards, thanks in part to his popular video series where he unboxes rare and expensive sets.


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Paul currently touts one of the most expensive purchases in Pokémon Trading Card Game history, having shelled out $3.5 million for six booster boxes of Base Set first edition cards. That said, collectors riddled throughout the Pokémon community now believe the boxes are fake due to a variety of reasons (via PokéBeach). First, the boxes were listed on eBay Canada from a seller with virtually no reviews or feedback – and they changed their username right before the 10-day bidding war began. Additionally, selling such a rare set of Pokémon cards on eBay is also raising some red flags with collectors, given such a collection is usually put into the hands of an auction house or trusted seller.

Pokémon TCG collectors’ list of suspicions continues, though. The highest bid for the eBay purchase ended up being $72,500, indicating real collectors were not flocking to the posting. According to PokéBeach, had collectors thought the posting was authentic, the bid would likely be much higher. After the seller and buyer agreed on the bid, the buyer reportedly pulled out of the deal after the seller refused to let them fly to them and inspect the box in person. The next purchaser received the cards and apparently uploaded a video showing the Pokémon cards’ certificate of authenticity, which is from a company that is reputable in trading card franchises – but unheard of when it comes to Pokémon TCG. The seller also insists they moved into a new house and found the boxes in the attic, setting off many doubts from those following the Pokémon TCG set’s journey. The story does not end there, though – PokéBeach’s list of red flags for this collection is extensive and features much more beyond its suspicions toward the seller and authenticator.

Although this news of a fraudulent pack of rare Pokémon cards might be disheartening for some, Logan Paul is likely the most to be disappointed given he is now the collection’s owner – and for no small price. A $3.5 million Pokémon TCG purchase is massive, and the thought of such a sum going toward fake cards is, at the very least, alarming. That said, Paul likely has access to authenticators himself, so hopefully he brought one in before committing to paying such a hefty price tag.

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Sources: Logan Paul/Twitter, PokéBeach

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