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Best Moments From the Cloverfield Film Series, Ranked

The Cloverfield franchise is a sci-fi anthology films series, meaning that each film is connected within the same universe, but the plots are completely separate with different characters and storylines. The series consists of three films so far: Cloverfield, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and The Cloverfield Paradox. There is going to be an addition to the series, featuring J.J. Abrams as director once again, but the date has yet to be confirmed as it is still in the development process.

The Cloverfield franchise has gained a great deal of attention as a found-footage anthology series, with complicated situations and many moments that don’t seem to make sense. The films have been designed to be watched again and again, noticing something new each time and one day putting the pieces together. There are many moments throughout the series that are worth talking about. Here are the best moments from the Cloverfield franchise ranked from worst to best.

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9 Chris’ Arm

Bad Robot Productions

A rather shocking scene with a bit of humour to it in The Cloverfield Paradox is when Chris’ arm, which he lost to the wall, is seen inching its way along the floor. The crew proceeds to trap the arm and evaluate why this is happening and that it has something to do with a parallel universe. This scene barely makes this list as it’s not nearly as horrifying as many of the other scenes on this list and is even laughable. To see an arm crawling on its own is not exactly horrifying, but more unsettling and perhaps even reminiscent of “Thing” from The Addams Family.

8 The Statue of Liberty’s Head

Probably one of the most iconic scenes in the original Cloverfield film is when the statue of liberty’s head comes rolling down the street after the party-goers notice an explosion on the other side of the city. The head comes flying at the citizens and rolls down the street, and it’s only when the camera pans up and from the flash of photos being taken that we see it is the rolling head of Lady Liberty. This signifies that their trouble is only just beginning as the biggest symbol of the United States is torn to pieces and defiled.

7 The Woman Outside

In 10 Cloverfield Lane when Michelle escapes from the bunker and she reaches the exit, a woman comes to the bunker door. Despite Howard telling Michelle that everyone outside is dead, the woman begs to be let in, trying to convince Michelle that she’s fine. Howard, played by John Goodman, tells her not to let the woman in. The woman gets unreasonably aggravated and bangs her head on the glass of the door to the point that she draws blood, seemingly gone mad from the gas released into the air. This moment confuses the audience and Michelle, planting the seed that Howard may indeed have good intentions towards Michelle.

6 The Brooklyn Bridge Collapse

While the citizens of New York are panicking at the sudden attack on their city and as they seek refuge, trying to move to Brooklyn, what appears to be a tentacle comes crashing down in the center of the bridge. With the bridge’s stability compromised, the people on the bridge panic once more as the hope of finding shelter away from this monster is seemingly gone as their world crumbles beneath them. As another iconic landmark of New York is destroyed in Cloverfield, the hope of the residents is depleted, as is the hope of the audience that the characters will survive this ordeal.

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5 I Accept Your Apology

In 10 Cloverfield Lane, after showing Michelle and Emmet a barrel full of corrosive acid, he confronts them about make-shift weapons that he found. His vague threats are unsettling and Emmet takes the fall for Michelle and says that it was his idea. After sincerely accepting Emmet’s apology, Howard then proceeds to shoot Emmet in the face, distressing Michelle. This moment is a shock to us all as up until this point, Howard is made out to be a semi-reasonable man and even if he were to kill Emmet, he would use the acid, but the use of the gun is somehow even more shocking than anything else he could have done.

4 The Wall

The Cloverfield Paradox takes the horror to a new level when a wall is heard screaming. The crew opens up the wall to find a member of their crew screaming in agony being impaled on the pipes and wires within the wall. While this is not the only occasion in which a wall of the ship attacks the crew, it is the most gruesome as she screams and begs for help from the rest of the crew as the electricity runs through her body from the wires that somehow made their way through her skin.

3 Alien Crop Duster

When Michelle escapes the bunker, she runs to a house for help, which we can assume is 10 Cloverfield Lane, the film’s namesake, only to discover a giant alien ship releasing a toxic chemical into the air taking off and heading towards Michelle. As she runs for her life, tightening her make-shift Haz-Mat suit, the gas fills the air with a thick green fog. This phenomenal reveal lives up to its expectations, not only by the sheer size and power of the ship but at the fact that Howard was right about everything he said despite having ulterior motives to keep Michelle in the bunker.

2 The Original Clover Monster

Bad Robot Productions

Cloverfield’s found-footage format adds realism as the camera pans up to the monstrous beast and there is nothing but the monster’s growls, Hud’s whimpering. Eventually, the monster grabs Hud and the camera and the audience gets to see inside the monster for a brief moment before Hud is thrown to his death. This up-close experience with the monster is truly revolutionary as the monster looks directly at the camera, giving the audience a clear shot of the original clover monster before the camera moves, becoming shaky and unclear. The unsettling shaky cam allows the audience to feel the same level of panic the characters are feeling.

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1 The Return of the Clover Monster

As what remains of the crew returns to Earth, the atmosphere seems to be cheerful as their troubles appear to be over. However; a panicked phone call brings awareness to the fact that things are not all fine and dandy on Earth. The shot of their pod dropping through clouds and the clover monster popping up and letting out a menacing scream is legendary. While The Cloverfield Paradox may not have been as acclaimed as its predecessors, this final shot before the credits roll, leaving the audience with a presentiment as the fate of humanity is left dangling by a string in a classic Cloverfield way.

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