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Imposing Minecraft Forge Lets You Smelt Netherite In Style

An enterprising Minecraft player has built an impressive dwarven-aesthetic-inspired forge to smelt the most valuable material in the game, Netherite.

A Minecraft player has designed a convenient and stylish way to smelt Netherite, the game’s most valuable material. Ingenuous builds are immensely popular in the Minecraft community, where one can find anything from recreations of real-life art and architecture to builds of Jabba’s Star Wars palace made in Minecraft. The Mojang hit gives its players a space to create almost anything they can imagine, leading to some highly detailed and impressive builds using the game’s many tools and materials.

Netherite is a rare material in Minecraft that comes from, predictably, the Nether. Items made from Netherite are extremely potent, with 30 percent higher durability than rival gear, even providing an improvement to damage and mining speed. Netherite also floats in lava, cannot burn, and has blast resistance rivaling that of Obsidian. Netherite blocks are not completely indestructible, however, as they can be still be destroyed by Cacti and Blue Wither Skulls. Regardless of these minor flaws, Minecraft‘s Netherite gear is better than Diamond, so it is well worth taking the time to obtain.


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A creative Minecraft player, A-is-for-Boy, recently shared their imposing Netherite forge to Reddit, where it was praised by over 25,000 Redditors. The smelter takes Ancient Debris tossed into the lava by the player and spits out Netherite ingots. The forge is built to have a dwarven workshop aesthetic and was inspired in part by the Aetherium forge from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. The impressive video gives a full tour of the build, showing off the hard work of the dedicated creator.

See the post on Reddit here.

Built from the strongest material in the game, Minecraft‘s Netherite items and weapons are top of the range, and a smelter like this is handy to have around. While not easy, the process of creating this seemingly intricate device is actually relatively straightforward. The majority of the build is accounted for by a dropper elevator, a Redstone mechanism that transports items through droppers to an end destination. Even the entrance to the forge is well-designed, with an almost sci-fi laboratory feeling to the door that spirals open at the touch of a button, with lava displayed behind barriers in the walls.

Minecraft is home to countless amazing builds, structures, art, and even scenes from movies and other games, but for the most part, such designs are more form than function. It is certainly fair to say that making an inspirational design in Minecraft is an undertaking in and of itself, but there is something extra special about a build that both has an incredible aesthetic and serves a useful purpose for its creator.

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Source: A-is-for-Boy/Reddit

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