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College Friend Accuses Joe Coleman Of Sexual Assault

Former college friend accuses The Bachelorette star Joe Coleman of alleged sexual assault on campus. Learn more about these accusations against Joe.

Trigger Warning! This article discusses topics related to allegations of sexual assault.

After becoming a fan-favorite on Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette, Joe Coleman is now being accused by former college friends of allegedly engaging in sexual assault during his time as a high-profile basketball player and student at the University of Minnesota. Bachelor Nation fans got to know Joe on The Bachelorette season 18 as a 28-year-old real estate developer from Minneapolis, MN. Both Joe and Michelle played basketball in college and lived in Minnesota, so he immediately stood out to fans as a potential frontrunner on the show.


Things did take a turn when Michelle revealed that she had previously messaged Joe back in the day and was subsequently “ghosted” by him on social media. She remarked on how it was weird to see him on The Bachelorette given that she thought he wouldn’t be interested in her. Joe then explained himself and apologized for his lack of response. In turn, Michelle took his word for it and kept him on the show. As the season went on, Joe did very well for himself and made it to the final three of The Bachelorette. Nonetheless, Michelle chose to take Nayte Olukoya and Brandon Jones to the finale and eliminated Joe in third place.

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Now, an anonymous individual started a thread on Reddit accusing Joe Coleman of alleged sexual assault in college. As seen in the full thread below, the original poster claimed to attend the University of Minnesota between 2012 and 2013, which was around the same time when Joe was there. The poster claimed to have attended several “basketball parties” that took place on campus and recalled that “Joe was a big heartthrob locally.” The author of this thread explained how thrilling it was to get invited to a party hosted by the college basketball players because she and all her friends “had a crush on Joe.” However, the original poster noted that her opinions about Joe quickly changed, noting that “it became obvious that [Joe] was not a safe guy to be around” once she got to meet him in person. The poster recalled, “One night, a girl I was with came out from a back bedroom and told me that she had been sexually assaulted by him.” The original poster added that “there was another girl there who was comforting her by saying that Joe had done the same thing to her before.” As of this writing, the Reddit thread has received 1,300 upvotes and the identity of the original poster has been allegedly verified by the mods of r/thebachelor.

Some fans speculated that Michelle and Joe were exes prior to The Bachelorette, but those rumors were shut down by Michelle herself. The author of this new thread on Reddit claimed that “girls who hung out with them regularly would warn us not to go off alone with Joe.” The original poster said that even after Joe left the University of Minnesota, “multiple local sports reporters reached out to try to get students to talk about Joe Coleman because they heard stories themselves.” However, this poster believes that a police report was never filed against Joe. So when Joe was cast on The Bachelorette season 18, this Redditor “felt sick seeing his face again and reached out to a couple of Michelle’s friends” that they allegedly knew. Alas, this person doesn’t know if Michelle heard these claims while filming.

Toward the end of the thread, the original poster claimed that she waited for someone else to bring up these allegations upon hearing that Joe was cast on The Bachelorette. But when no one else brought up this alleged behavior from Joe in college, the original poster felt compelled to bring up these claims that they allegedly heard about in the past. In the comments, many fans have been siding with the original poster and thanked this person for speaking up.

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The Bachelor season 26 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: Reddit

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