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Emily In Paris Season 3 News & Updates: Everything We Know

Emily in Paris season 3 and 4 has been renewed by Netflix; we discuss the renewal, possible release date, story details, and returning characters.

Netflix has recently renewed Emily in Paris for two more seasons, and here’s everything we know. The Netflix Original Emily in Paris follows the titular character (Lily Collins), an American marketing executive who has to unexpectedly relocate to Paris to work as a social media strategist for the French firm Savoir. Emily then has to strive to let her individual voice be heard while adapting to the local culture. With its endearing cast amidst a visually delectable backdrop, season 1 of Emily in Paris rapidly earned a following.

Because of its light subject and an idealistic perspective, Emily in Paris gained massive viewership. In fact, Netflix reported that 58 million households had watched the show within its debut month. But despite its commercial success, critics were quick to point out the shallowness of Emily as a protagonist. The experiences featured in the show were touristy and cliché-ridden of what a Parisian lifestyle should be. Fortunately, Emily in Paris — better than The Carrie Diaries, arguably — offered its characters more room to grow, exploring and expanding their arcs in the process.


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On January 10, 2022, Netflix announced that it has renewed Emily in Paris for seasons 3 and 4. That means the Darren Star-created show, which ended on a cliffhanger, can still continue telling its story, providing clarifications and — hopefully — more twists, to Emily’s adventure in Paris. Here is everything we know about what audiences can expect from Emily in Paris seasons 3 and 4.

Emily In Paris Seasons 3 & 4 Renewal Status

Netflix renewed Emily in Paris for two more seasons mere weeks after the release of season 2. Normally, the streaming giant would wait for at least a month before deciding on a show’s renewal status to allow them to review its viewership data first. However, in just a week, Emily in Paris season 2 was already watched for 107.6 million hours, ranking second in Netflix’s Global Top Ten list.

This comes as no surprise, considering how big of a show Emily in Paris is. Furthermore, prior to the release of season 2, Emily in Paris cast and crew members expressed their interest in coming back for another season. In an interview with Glamour for their December 2021 cover story, Lily Collins shares her willingness to do Emily in Paris season 3. Believing that the Paris-set comedy provides feelings of escapism and romance amidst the challenging pandemic years, Collins wants to continue making people laugh, feel seen, and simply enjoy. Furthermore, Emily in Paris costume designer Marylin Fitoussi has revealed her wardrobe ideas for season 3. Speaking with Elle, Fitoussi plans on styling the cast with eco-friendly wardrobes.

Emily In Paris Seasons 3 & 4 Possible Release Dates

emily in paris season 2 ending explained

After debuting its season 1 on October 2, 2020, Emily in Paris season 2 was just dropped on December 22, 2021. Given these fall and winter release dates, Emily in Paris season 3 can possibly premiere in fall or winter 2022, as well, while season 4 can be released by fall or winter 2023. Of course, this is only possible if the production of Emily in Paris goes smoothly.

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Emily In Paris Season 3 Story Details & Returning Characters

emily in paris season 2 ending explained savoir revolution

Similar to how season 1 ended, Emily in Paris season 2 leaves its viewers on a cliffhanger. The show complicates matters further by forcing Emily to follow her heart and choose which path to ultimately take. After getting caught in a consuming love triangle, Emily also has to decide which professional opportunity to take. Will she stay with Savoir and likely get a promotion, or will she be a part of Sylvie’s (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) new team in Paris? Although, looking at the show’s two-season renewal, it might be possible that Emily will just stay in Paris and continue living her dream. Thus, after Emily in Paris season 2’s ending, the show’s season 3 might also have fan-favorites return, including Sylvie, Ashley Park’s Mindy, Lucas Bravo’s Gabriel, Lucien Laviscount’s Alfie, Samuel Arnold’s Julie, Bruno Gouery’s Luc, Camille Razat’s Camille, William Abadie’s Antoine, and Kate Walsh’s Madeline.

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