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Every Cruella Outfit in the Emma Stone Prequel, Ranked

Cruella de Vil has become a fashion icon since her first onscreen portrayal in the animated feature film 101 Dalmatians in 1961. Cruella’s iconic fur coat paired with red gloves, a little black dress and striking two-tone hair has become an instantly recognisable look, being recreated for Halloween year after year. Cruella’s character is a fashion-forward villain whose main agenda is to create a new chic coat for herself, so it’s no surprise she’s become a fashion icon.

The first live-action portrayal of Cruella came with Glenn Close’s 1996 adaptation of 101 Dalmatians. Close furthered the character’s status as a fashion icon, with Anthony Powell’s animal-themed designs. Emma Stone took over the iconic role in the prequel, Cruella, and is set to be returning for a sequel. Under Jenny Beavan’s costume designing, Cruella took the medium to the next level, creating a fashion spectacle with haute couture looks that are unparalleled. Here’s a look at every Cruella outfit in the prequel, which can currently be streamed on Disney+, ranked.

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9 Signature Black-and-White Look

Cruelle Black:White

This look combines different elements of what make Cruella’s character true to herself: being disjointed, asymmetrical and bold. The look is visually striking and the separation of black and white on the jacket/ blouse construction matches Cruella’s hair, tying the look together and creating a commanding visual force.

8 Deconstructed Futuristic Jacket

Cruella Future Jacket

The most notable thing about this look is firstly the makeup, so it would make sense that the overall look was dialled down to allow it to take centre stage. The ensemble leaves the screen quickly, so it is easy to miss, but on close inspection the intricate details of the jacket, which looks both deconstructed and tailored, are extremely impressive.

7 Cruella’s Shoulder Jacket

Shoulder Jacket Cruella

In this scene, Cruella sets the foundation for her strategy throughout the film, and this is accompanied by a bold two-piece skirt suit. The whole look embodies power, accompanied by a walking cane which elevates the look, truly marking the moment Estella becomes Cruella.

6 Dalmatian Coat Dress

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

​​​​​​​The new Cruella spots the iconic Dalmatian pattern, which the franchise is famous for. Instead of real fur, however, Cruella sports a hand-painted coat with intricate textiles and exquisite tailoring. The swooping skirt brings a couture element to the outfit. Cruella sports this look when she comes to steal the spotlight from her competitors, and this look is the perfect outfit for her to do this in.

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5 Deep V-Neck Dress

V neck dress

Cruella attempts to attain vengeance for her mother during a ballroom scene complete with an ensemble of lookalikes. This presented the challenge for Beavan of creating an outfit which could be multiplied. The outfit is simple, slinky and still glamorous, with a scooping neckline and an effortlessly elegant feel.

4 Red Vengeance Dress

Red Dress Cruella

This look was one of the most outright attention-grabbing throughout the film, creating a spectacle which can be admired from every angle. The scene this outfit makes its appearance in is for a black and white ball, and the essence of Cruella’s character is captured by her defiance, even audacious spirit, in wearing red.

3 Final Suit Dress

FInal Dress Cruella

This dress is worn by Cruella in her final scene and represents the complete transition of her character into Cruella, leaving behind any traces of Estella. The tailoring is smart, combining elements of the masculine as well as the feminine, and it makes for a striking final image of Cruella.

2 Military Dress

McQueen Dress Cruella

Beavan evokes the punk Alexander McQueen aesthetic several times throughout the film, and this dramatic military style look is no different. The look is dramatic and over the top, pairing a vintage military jacket with a ruffled skirt and doc martens. It’s high fashion, calculated, and classically evokes the inherent beauty of blending masculine and feminine energy in fashion.

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1 Garbage Dress

Westwood dress Cruella

In the scene where a garbage truck arrives at the Baroness’ photo op, Cruella arrives in another truly beautiful Vivienne Westwood-esque look, covered in trash and newspapers. The look is truly stunning, with conceptual hair and makeup which match and look straight out of an editorial feature.

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