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Petition To Bring Johnny Depp Back To Pirates Of The Caribbean Amasses Another 100,000+ Signatures, But Will It Hit Its Goal?

Though the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been dormant since 2017’s Dead Men Tell No Tales, there is still a very vocal contingent of fans that have been petitioning online to bring Johnny Depp back to the fold. Since its formation in November of 2020, the initial goal of signatures was hit, only to be stretched to a new endgame of double the original intention. While it’s been slow going, over another 100,000 signers have climbed aboard since then, we have to wonder if this petition will ever reach its latest goal? 

We’re still following the petition that was created a little over a year ago, which reached its initial pledge of 500,000 signatures, only to push the finish line shortly after to 1 million. Since that ambitious change last March, it seems that the cause has slowed down a bit from the point where it was getting several thousand signatures in the span of a single day. At the time of this writing, almost 675,000 have signed this push for Mr. Depp’s return to the Disney franchise he helped make a household name.

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