Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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Ben Affleck Reveals His ‘Biggest Superpower’ And Why He’s Doesn’t Mind David Fincher Making Him Do A ‘Million Takes’

After playing superheroes like Daredevil and Batman throughout his lengthy career, one would think Ben Affleck’s superpower lies within the realm of comic book heroes. In reality, the Oscar winner can’t actually use his radar sense to detect nearby threats or fly across the streets of Gotham. However, his real “superpower” is a decidedly more human skill. 

Ben Affleck has been making the press tour rounds and chatting about his new film The Tender Bar. Amid this, he also spoke on his “biggest superpower” as an actor. While he may not be able to shoot lasers from his eyes, Ben Affleck does have a handy talent when it comes to filming movies. He said during his interview with The Boston Globe:

My biggest superpower is being humble enough to know that there are people around who know more than me and being smart enough to know who they are and to pay attention to them. Being an actor is the best film school you can go to if you pay attention. Like [Gone Girl director] David Fincher, who I consider one of the very best directors alive. He’s got the taste of an artist and the mind of an engineer. I’ll go through whatever your process is if I think you’re going to make a good movie. I’ll do a million takes. Whatever. George [Clooney] isn’t only a talented actor, he’s also extremely smart about what will resonate with the audience. He’d say to me,’ At the end of this scene, if you laugh, it’ll work a lot better.’ Simple notes. They’re the best kind of notes.

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