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No Man’s Sky: How To Get More Aronium

Aronium is one of the mineral materials in No Man’s Sky that can be produced easily and either sold or used to craft other materials for more units.

One of the greatest features of No Man’s Sky is the ability to craft nearly everything in the space survival and exploration game, including a high-value material called Aronium. Aronium is an alloy metal in No Man’s Sky that is always in high demand on the Galactic Trade Network thanks to its utility in the construction of facilities and outposts on nearly every planet. Fortunately, Aronium is easy for players to craft cheaply and sell at a high price, though it can be used to craft more material that is even higher in value.

There are plenty of ways to make money fast in No Man’s Sky, whether it’s through manipulating the economic system, mining a ton of minerals, or even buying and flipping ships for a profit. Now, selling stacks of Aronium is included in the No Man’s Sky get-rich-quick schemes, especially for players who have put some time into the game and crafted a Large Refiner. Aronium is one of the materials that received an update with the No Man’s Sky Frontiers content in September of 2021, which made crafting the material easier than ever before.


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Though Aronium can only be held in stacks of five in No Man’s Sky, it can be sold for any amount of units between 22,500 and 27,500 depending upon the given system’s needs for it. Additionally, Aronium is needed to build new structures in No Man’s Sky: Frontiers, so having a couple of stacks ready to use whenever can save players a lot of time. Aronium can often be found in the Sentinel Resource Depots that can be destroyed, but in order to craft the material itself, players will first need to purchase the Aronium blueprints in No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky: How To Craft Aronium

No Man's Sky Landing Pad under construction

To get the blueprints for Aronium, call the Anomaly in No Man’s Sky and purchase the crafting recipe for Aronium. Although the in-game description may show a bug that says Aronium is crafted from Chlorine, this is not the case. Aronium can only be crafted using a combination of Paraffinium, Ionized Cobalt, Cobalt, Tritium, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Depending on the specific recipe acquired in No Man’s Sky, players will need a varying combination and amount of three of the ingredients listed:

  • 30 Paraffinium – 60 Cobalt – 20 Tritium
  • 30 Paraffinium – 30 Ionized Cobalt – 20 Tritium
  • 30 Paraffinium – 60 Cobalt – 20 Silver
  • 30 Paraffinium – 30 Ionized Cobalt – 20 Silver
  • 30 Paraffinium – 60 Cobalt – 10 Gold
  • 30 Paraffinium – 30 Ionized Cobalt – 10 Gold
  • 30 Paraffinium – 60 Cobalt – 5 Platinum
  • 30 Paraffinium – 30 Ionized Cobalt – 5 Platinum

These ingredients will have to be put in a large refiner in order to receive Aronium. Conversely, if Aronium is put in a refiner in No Man’s Sky then players will receive 250 Silver. Lastly, when Aronium is put into a refiner with Magno-Gold and Granite the three ingredients create Iridesite, which can sell for up to 165,000 units in No Man’s Sky.

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No Man’s Sky is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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