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Resurrections Nails Neo & Trinity’s Story (Even More Than 1999’s Matrix)

Neo and Trinity are back in The Matrix Resurrections, and the movie gets to the heart of their relationship better than any other film in the series.

Neo and Trinity’s relationship is central to The Matrix Resurrections, and the movie executes it better than any other film in the franchise. Neo and Trinity have been core characters of The Matrix series since the franchise began with the 1999 original, the two played by Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss. Both reprise their roles in Resurrections, and their relationship is given a different but fitting context.

Trinity was one of the human resistance fighters who helped free Neo from the Matrix in the original. Resurrections flips that dynamic by having both of their memories wiped when they’re plugged back in, with Neo helping free her after he’s re-awakened. While this makes their relationship more non-linear than it’s ever been, it also highlights their romance as an essential element of the series more than ever.


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While Neo and Trinity worked side-by-side in The Matrix, their romance didn’t blossom until Trinity kissed Neo in the ending. This led to Neo’s revival after being killed by Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving). The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions fully established Neo and Trinity as a couple in Zion. However, outside of a love scene in Reloaded, their romance was still secondary, while Trinity’s death scene in Revolutions infamously lasted far too long.

The Matrix Trinity Neo The One

Resurrections, on the other hand, is all about Neo and Trinity is a power couple in the literal sense. As explained by the Analyst (Neil Patrick Harris), Neo and Trinity are re-inserted into the Matrix due to the energy they generate while in close proximity. As Neo tries to free Trinity, the theme of the film becomes the torment they experience in being just barely out of each other’s reach until Trinity finally regains her memory.

To their shared surprise, when they leap from a skyscraper together, it’s Trinity, not Neo, who stops them both with Trinity’s newfound ability to fly. This leads to the final scene of Resurrections, where Neo and Trinity promise the Analyst they will remake the Matrix together before flying off into the sky, hand-in-hand.

Throughout Resurrections, the romance of Neo and Trinity is clearly shown as the core of the story. The film isn’t even as focused on Neo’s own re-awakening, which it gets through relatively quickly, as it is about re-uniting he and Trinity. No other Matrix movie makes the point so definitively that they bring out the best in each other, quite literally so in the final act. Neo and Trinity  have been both human allies and romantic partners in equal measure throughout The Matrix franchise. Still, The Matrix Resurrections emphasizes the importance of their romance, even closing on a shot symbolizing the meaning of it.

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