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The Batman Image Shows Bruce Wayne & Commissioner Gordon in a Morgue

Warner Bros. teases Gotham City’s greatest crime-fighting partnership, releasing a new image of Batman with Commissioner Jim Gordon in a city morgue.

Warner Bros. has released a new official photo from The Batman, showing Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne and Jeffrey Wright’s Commissioner Jim Gordon together in a Gotham City morgue. Promising a very different live-action Batman to what audiences have experienced before, director Matt Reeves has deep-dived into DC comic lore and drawn upon some of his favorite Batman comic runs to inspire his unique take on The Dark Knight. Previously citing Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One, Darwyn Cooke’s Batman: Ego and Other Tales, and Jeph Loeb’s Batman: The Long Halloween as his main sources of inspiration, the director has also suggested that he based much of Bruce Wayne’s reclusive characterization on the late Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain.


Featuring Paul Dano as the Riddler, who in this film is depicted as a brutal serial killer that has been likened to the real-life Zodiac Killer, Pattinson’s turn in the cowl will also see him come face-to-face with other key Batman characters like Colin Farrell’s Penguin and John Turturro’s Gotham crime-lord Carmine Falcone. Despite his reclusive nature, however, Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne won’t be facing Gotham’s underbelly alone. Actress Zoë Kravitz will be playing a new iteration of recurring Batman love-interest Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman, while the incredibly versatile Andy Serkis will be serving as Bruce’s loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth.

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With less than two months before The Batman finally hits theaters, Warner Bros. is ramping up promotion for the film and offering eager fans new glimpses of key sequences. A new official image released by the studio shows Pattinson’s Caped Crusader and Wright’s Gordon standing together in the Gotham City morgue, presumably looking at some new evidence left on a murder victim by Dano’s Riddler. Check out the full image below:

This new picture potentially hints at an important aspect of Batman’s character which has never really been properly explored on screen before. While in the comics Batman is often referred to as “the world’s greatest detective”, each of the characters played by Pattinson’s predecessors were all seemingly more focused on the action side of Gotham’s infamous vigilante crime fighter. Though both Michael Keaton’s and Christian Bale’s Batmen both hinted at Bruce Wayne’s deductive reasoning skills, Reeves has revealed that he is particularly interested in bringing this aspect of Batman to the fore.

While it is not yet known whether Batman’s crime-fighting partnership with Jim Gordon will be in full effect at the beginning of Reeves’ film, it would seem that by the movie’s conclusion the two will have most likely established a good working rapport. No doubt the devious trials concocted by Dano’s Riddler will have plenty to keep the pair on their toes until he is caught and safely put behind bars. Fans will finally get a chance to see Batman and Jim Gordon’s working relationship develop when The Batman hits theaters on March 4th.

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Source: Warner Bros.

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