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Moon Knight Does What Bruce Wayne Can’t in Gorgeous Fan Art

Batman is all about sticking to the darkness. Ram V’s fan art shows why Moon Knight is different and can go (and do) things Bruce Wayne can’t.

There may be a handful of similarities between Moon Knight and Batman, but the Fist of Khonshu does what the Dark Knight can’t do in new fan art from award-winning writer, Ram V. Known for his works such as The Many Deaths of Laila Starr (BOOM!), Justice League Dark, and the current Swamp Thing and Venom series, Ram V is one of the most consistent writers in comics today. On his Twitter account (@therightram), V posted a stunning drawing he had done of Moon Knight leaping into the sky.

Moon Knight is an enigmatic figure in the Marvel Universe. While known most of the time as Marc Spector, Moon Knight has other alter egos such as Steven Grant and Jake Lockeley that often battle it out inside him. He’s even imagined himself to be other Avengers like Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain America while fighting crime. Also, Moon Knight has taken on another persona, calling himself Mr. Knight, with a more streamlined suit and appearance.


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Ram V’s artwork focuses on the classic Moon Knight look, though. The style is fairly minimalist, with Moon Knight leaping through the sky with his cape in a crescent moon shape. The most striking feature, though, is Ram V’s choice of a blue background, as it’s a bold vision of the sky, meaning that Moon Knight is out leaping in broad daylight. Moon Knight is often criticized as being Marvel’s Batman clone, but Bruce Wayne usually shies away from daytime activities as Batman, sticking mainly to the night.

Ram V’s choice of a day sky background is also in line with Moon Knight’s character. Batman traditionally uses darkness and shadows to his advantage. He does this to fill his enemies with a fear of the unknown. Moon Knight takes a different approach, dressing in white so that his enemies can see him coming. That way they are filled with dread about the impending beat down they are about to get. So while putting a blue background behind Batman might seem odd, with Moon Knight it perfectly fits.

Ram V tweeted the art with the caption, “Afternoon doodle! Moonlighting as an artist moonknighting.” It’s worth noting that fellow Marvel writers Chris Cantwell and Jed McKay congratulated Ram on the thread, the latter of which is the current writer on Marvel’s Moon Knight. Ram V isn’t an artist on any current books, but readers can find his written work in this month’s Batman: Urban Legends, Venom, and Justice League. Season two of his Swamp Thing series is set to resume in March.

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Source: Twitter/Ram V (@therightram)

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