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Fans’ First Impressions of Season Premiere

The season premiere of Joe Millionaire just aired and many fans have given their impressions of the show. Here are some of the best fan reactions.

Nearly twenty years after the original Joe Millionaire, the reboot is back with two “Joes” and fans already have a lot to say about the show. The show’s big twist, that only one of the men is a millionaire and the women do not know which one, has added another intriguing element to the dating show. Here are some of fans’ first impressions of the Joe Millionaire premiere.

Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee are both CEOs, with the former working in construction and the latter in farming. However, one of them boasts a net worth of around $10 million and the 18 women looking for love will not know who it is until the finale. In the original Joe Millionaire, Evan Marriott pretended he was rich and deceived all of the women, but this time the women know what they are getting into. The premise of the show has stayed the same, to take money out of the equation and see if any genuine connections will form.


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The Joe Millionaire season premiere had some iconic entrances, big personalities and lots of drama. After the women all made their way to the mansion, leading man Steven realized he knew one of the contestants from a dating app and could reveal who the millionaire was to the other women. Fans loved how unpredictable the show is by sending someone home immediately, though some said it was overly produced since “the show absolutely knew” that they were following each other on Instagram.

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Many fans have compared the show to The Bachelor and think that it could take some of their viewership. Fans have also complained that The Bachelor seems repetitive each season and Joe Millionaire is a fun change to the standard format by having multiple men looking for love. Reddit user r/MrsSteveHarvey added that “the contestants are a little less refined and proper, but it makes it more fun” and feels authentic. Many fans are enjoying the two leads, as they seem to have formed a fast friendship and are able to talk about the women they are interested in with each other.

There were two group dates in the first episode, one at a dive bar and the other at a formal cotillion. Steven’s date at the bar was casual and fun, ending in a pool party with his group of women. Kurt’s led to one contestant drinking too much and crying into a curtain, ending on a more awkward note. Another Reddit user added “I love that they didn’t coach the guys at all and just let them loose,” saying that it makes Joe Millionaire seem more real to fans. A lot of viewers found the premiere to be funny and lighthearted, saying “Kurt just standing there while the women were crying and fighting was hilarious.” Fans are looking forward to everything else Joe Millionaire season one has to offer.

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Joe Millionaire airs Thursdays at 8pm EST on Fox.

Source: MrsSteveHarvey/Reddit

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