Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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Is Another Godzilla Movie Coming? Here’s Why Fans Are Waiting For News

It’s only been a little under a year since we last saw the MonsterVerse rear its head with Godzilla vs. Kong, but the fans of both Titans are still ready for more. Which is why a recent tweet from a very important source seems to have fans waiting for what they feel will be potentially good news. To some, this may be a picture of a clock, but to Godzilla fans, it may be a sign of a new movie coming down the lane. 

Speculation has been kicked off thanks to Toho’s official Godzilla Twitter feed, and the cryptic image that the kaiju’s corporate creators have shared. It’s not a flashy vista or a wide shot of destruction, but a simple wall clock being shown in this supposed tease. However, you can take a look at that image for yourself, and see if anything stands out: 

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