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Showa American Story Trailer Teases Brutal 1980s B-Movie RPG

Promising to be a love letter to 1980s pop culture and B-movies, Showa American Story is an upcoming RPG set in a hybrid world of Japan and the US.

Developer NEKCOM Entertainment has revealed its upcoming RPG, Showa American Story, promising to deliver a gore-filled love letter to 1980s pop culture and B-movies with a showstopping trailer. 2022 is looking promising for video games with highly-anticipated releases due throughout the year, and new game reveals are already teasing what lies beyond 2022.

Many in the gaming community have lamented what some perceive to be a slow year for video games in 2021. AAA adventures like Horizon Forbidden West and God of War Ragnarök are just two of the titles to have been delayed from their original 2021 launch, in part due to ongoing concerns raised by the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the issues faced by many developers, 2022 is set to start on a high note, with February releases including Forbidden West and Dying Light 2, as well as the launch of Elden Ring. With multiple announced games still awaiting a release date, 2022 and 2023 are set to provide some excellent gaming experiences for all types of players.


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Quickly becoming one of the biggest games to watch out for in the future is Showa American Story, which was revealed today, January 7, in a trailer from IGN. The impressive video shows off a United States mostly owned by Japan, blending US history with Japanese elements. Players will take on the role of Choko, a teenager revived from the dead embarking on a “journey of truth and revenge across North America as she grows stronger.” According to the game’s Steam page, the third-person action-RPG is “an enthusiastic love letter to the 80s’ pop culture that features a strong taste of B-Movies.” The announcement trailer seems to have impressed fans so far, with many commenters praising the unique idea and promising gameplay. The game’s description explains more:

“Showa American Story features a free-flowing and brutal combat style. Players will fight against hordes of zombies and monsters, moving, attacking, and dodging in countless fast-paced combat situations. Get ready to dive into the ocean of ketchup!”

Watch the video on YouTube here.

As revealed in the trailer, Showa American Story will feature frenetic combat using both ranged and melee weapons with an emphasis on strategy. Users will be able to traverse the unique world and settings on foot or by motorbike, with other travel methods also assumedly available. Interestingly, Choko is seen using stilts to walk around, and can be spotted using a hoop and stick, perhaps hinting at minigames or side-missions set to feature in the main release. Fans can expect to encounter zombies and other dangerous threats as they travel throughout the game world.

Full details on Showa American Story are yet to be revealed, but the trailer hints at humor, danger, and dynamic combat with a hybrid of Japanese and US culture, something like will likely appeal to many. The early look at the game seems to show off some distinct Yakuza flavor, while its inclusion of what look to be side activities and minigames also call back to earlier Japan-set RPG classics like the Shenmue series. While a release date hasn’t yet been revealed, those interested in the game can wishlist it on Steam today.

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Source: IGN/YouTube, Steam

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