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Most Hilarious Boss Fights In Funny Games

Typically speaking, boss battles are meant to be daunting and intimidating. Video Game bosses are the final enemy the player is faced with after defeating all other opponents and passing every obstacle throughout a level. This final enemy is the true test and judgment of the player’s skill and determines whether the player has what it takes to move on to the next level.

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However, some video games take themselves a little less seriously, and although they still do a great job at testing the player’s skill, the opponents themselves are a bit of a joke and are more hilarious than they are scary. Here are some of the funniest boss battles throughout video game history.


7 WarioWare: Twisted! – Kat & Ana’s Nosedive

The entirety of the WarioWare series features tons of hilarious microgames and boss battles that have a wide range of topics or themes; from mundane things like stopping a record on time to swiftly guiding a ninja out of harm’s way. While there are many ridiculous boss battles seen throughout the series, one particular boss battle in Kat and Ana’s stage in WarioWare: Twisted! takes the number one spot when it comes to truly outrageous boss fights.

In the final boss of Kat and Ana’s stage, the player takes the role of an awesome Gundam-like robot that is tasked with defeating a powerful enemy: a giant nose. The whole aim of this boss battle is to use the robot’s peace-sign-ready fists to defeat an army of noses until they reach the giant final nose.

6 Parappa The Rapper – All Masters’ Rap

A video game where the player takes on the role of a rapping 2D dog is sure to bring a few good laughs on almost in every level. However, there is one particular Parappa The Rapper level where Parappa is tasked with battling every single one of his masters so far.

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The All Masters’ Rap is the infamous washroom level where poor little Parappa is suddenly struck with a bad stomach and is unfortunately met with a very long line for the only bathroom stall. The mere idea of having to rap battle one’s way to the washroom, while each master makes a washroom version/remix of their raps is hilarious on its own; however, if the player fails the level, they are given a small cutscene where a rocket ship launches in poor Parappa’s upset stomach.

5 Undertale – Papyrus

Forget how pitiful and weak most of Papyrus’ attacks are, the fact that flirting and resorting to insults is indicative enough of the overall silly tone of Undertale. While this battle does eventually pick up after turning the player’s heart blue, his barrage of attacks still remains relatively harmless compared to other bosses. Even his supposedly powerful special attack is foiled by a little dog in the corner of the screen that helps himself to one of Papyrus’ bones. Papyrus’ bone attacks then evolve and form fun little phrases; keeping the player on their toes but still easy enough to dodge and stay safe.

After a bit of flirting and showing off the player’s spaghetti-making skills, Papyrus then brings up the idea of taking the player on a date; they are his type, after all.

4 Earthworm Jim 2 – Bob The Killer Goldfish

Being a goldfish villain isn’t easy; unlike all other wild creatures that are free to explore their surroundings, Bob The Killer Goldfish is confined to his little fishbowl. For the majority of Earthworm Jim 2, Bob is forced to recruit feline minions to aid him in his quest to steal Earthworm Jim’s Super Suit. It’s obvious that Killer Bob is merely fueled by envy and wishes to roam the world freely (and on a pair of legs) just like Earthworm Jim.

In Earthworm Jim 2, the player finally meets Bob in his signature fishbowl, ready for the biggest fight yet. However, Bob, without the help of his minions, isn’t capable of putting up much of a fight and ends up being defeated by Earthworm Jim simply reaching into his fishbowl, plucking the angry goldfish out of the water, and gulping him down without breaking a sweat.

3 Conker’s Bad Fur Day – The Great Mighty Poo

Although it’s quite common for frustrated players to resort to swearing and name-calling when crossing paths with a particularly difficult enemy or level, this Conker’s Bad Fur Day boss deserves the crude title of “pile of crap” because that’s exactly what he is. The Great Mighty Poo is by far the most outrageous boss battle in the entire game simply due to the fact he even exists.

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The Great Mighty Poo is exactly what he sounds like; a giant pile of sentient poop that talks and even sings. The player defeats the giant pile of feces in a very fitting way; which is to have Conker toss rolls of toilet paper into his mouth and flush him down into the void.

2 South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Morgan Freeman

Beloved actor, Morgan Freeman, not only makes an appearance in the South Park: The Fractured But Whole video game, but also serves as a secret boss battle. In the game, Morgan Freeman owns Freeman’s Tacos, where he stands behind the counter to take customers’ orders. He is initially a mere NPC that the player can interact with to learn more about the game’s crafting system, but after going behind the restaurant counter and provoking him by hitting him three times, his boss battle will activate.

His flurry of special attacks includes “fart sensei”, “glistening freckles” and of course his “million dollar ***** slap”. This boss battle is not only hilarious, but it’s also unexpected as well. Who would ever think that the famous actor could be so adept on the battlefield?

Raiden has his fair share of wacky boss battles through his journey in the Metal Gear Solid series (looking at you, Fatman), but it is in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance that he meets the most hilariously outrageous one yet. Steven Armstrong is the United States’ Senator in the Revengeance world, and being the well-established political figure he is, it was quite the surprise when he stepped up to finally take on Raiden with his own two (bare) hands after Metal Gear Excelsus failed to finish him off.

Witnessing this seemingly normal, average, everyday citizen suddenly bulk up and toss around Raiden, a powerful cyborg, like he were a mere wet paper towel was quite the experience, to say the least. The hilarity ensues purely from how outrageous this last boss battle was and from this epic battle came the iconic “nanomachines, son” quote that became one of the most popular memes across the internet.

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