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A Complete Guide to the Prelude (An Unexpected Journey Begins)

Upon starting a new game of Return to Monkey Island, players will find themselves right where the series’ second installment left off, with a young Guybrush and his creepy brother Chuckie exploring the Big Whoop amusement park. This section of the game serves as an extended tutorial of sorts, teaching players the basics of point-and-click adventure gameplay.

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The whole section can be completed in a matter of minutes, though there are some optional side activities that may keep players occupied for a little longer. This guide will explain how to fully complete the prelude in Return to Monkey Island, from getting Scurvydogs for the two siblings to finding their real parents. It will also explain how to unlock the Prelude’s two achievements, Pegleg and Lucky Duck.


How to Get Scurvydogs

After taking a moment to pretend that the nearby couple are their parents, Guybrush and Chuckie will decide that they’re in the mood for Scurvydogs, which can be found in the yellow building with the wooden sign out front. Sadly, the counter guy isn’t just going to hand them over without payment, so players are going to need to find themselves some money before they can eat.

At this point, Chuckie will suggest checking out the nearby outhouse, theorizing that people often drop their belongings while dropping their pants. However, while this is actually a very good idea, the door to the outhouse is locked at present, so players should grab the pegleg with the Outhouse Key attached to it from beside the door before making their way back outside.

Next, players should open up their inventory and use the key to unlock the outhouse door. Inside, they’ll find a round metal disk on the floor which they’ll need to examine. Chuckie will explain that the object is a Slug and that it is sometimes used as a substitute for money. With this in mind, players should pick up the Slug and head back over to the Scurvydog place.

Now that they have some form of currency, players are free to purchase a couple of Scurvydogs from the counter guy, though the ones he hands over don’t look particularly edible. At this point, players can also return the outhouse key to unlock the Pegleg achievement. This can be done at any point before completing the Prelude, though it’s better to do so now to avoid having to backtrack.

How to Find Guybrush and Chuckie’s Real Parents

With their Scurvydogs now in hand, Guybrush and Chuckie will head back outside and set out to find the couple from a little earlier on. This means heading over to the right and into the next area, where the pair will run into Chuckie’s friend Dee. She decides to add a bunch of new optional objectives to Guybrush’s ToDo list. Players can skip these entirely if they like, though doing so will see them miss out on an easy-to-unlock achievement.

Thankfully, all of the objectives are simple enough to cross off, with most, like checking out the anchor, practicing sword fighting, and finding a Four-Leaf Clover requiring only a single button press to complete. Strictly speaking, beating Chuckie in a race can also be done with a single click, though players will need to have their fingers at the ready, as Chuckie is no slouch.

To feed the duck, players will need to get some bread from the couple, though simply trying to grab it isn’t going to work. Instead, players should check out the basket by the old man, which distracts the couple and provides a chance to sneak over and steal some Bread. Getting some Ketchup for Guybrush’s Scurvydog simply requires players to pick up the red goo on the ground and combine it with the Scurvydog in the inventory.

The last optional activity in the Prelude involves making a wish at the wishing well. To do this, players should pick up the nearby Coin and then throw it into the well. They’ll be given five options to choose from, though it doesn’t really matter which one they pick. At this point, players should also give the four-leaf clover that they found earlier to the duck in the pond in order to unlock the Lucky Duck achievement.

With everything but the final objective on Guybrush’s ToDo list now crossed off, players should make their way to the far right of the area and open the wooden gate. Following the path beyond it will lead them to a bench with the real Guybrush sitting on it, who, as it turns out, is the father of the two young brothers and, unsurprisingly, the main protagonist of Return to Monkey Island.

After a short conversation, Guybrush senior will agree to tell young Guybrush about the secret of Monkey Island and the game’s first part will officially begin. Things get a lot more challenging from this point onward, though series veterans should find the experience to be a little easier than some of the previous Monkey Island games, even while playing the game on the Hard difficulty setting.

Return to Monkey Island is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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