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Horror Fans Reminisce About A Vampire Flick Remembered For The Wrong Reasons

Queen of the Damned finds new love

Image: Warner Bros.

Vampires are one of the most commonly utilized creatures of the night in horror films, with the blood-suckers constantly finding a way into cinemas.

There’s been countless uses for vampires since they were popularized on-screen by German expressionist horror film Nosferatu in 1922. Then came the trope of sexy vampires, and a forgotten sexy vampire film from 2002 has just seen a revival thanks to Reddit. Queen of the Damned was utterly rejected at release, but is currently being re-evaluated by Reddit users.

Shockingly, Queen of the Damned had a very good soundtrack stacked with heavy metal of the late 90s, because that’s definitely what creatures over 100 years old would want to listen to.

Leading woman Aaliyah unfortunately died before the film was released, with fans reminiscing about her performance in the film and her excellent music career which was cut far too short.

The soundtrack is perhaps what Queen of the Damned is most remembered for, with it being Korn’s Jonathan Davis’s first ever solo musical project since the band formed. Curiously, his contract for the film stipulated he could not sing any of the songs in the final film.

If you weren’t aware, Queen of the Damned is actually a sequel to Interview with the Vampire. Both are based on Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles novels, but there is no returning cast from the 1994 film. Rice herself wasn’t a fan of Queen of the Damned, but mellowed out on it as authors tend to do.

Queen of the Damned is available to rent on Apple TV.

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