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Love Is Blind’s Nick & Danielle’s Relationship Timeline

Love Is Blind season 2 had a couple of pairs that said “I do” by the finale. One of those couples is Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl. Since the news of a divorce suit being filed, fans are beginning to look back, thinking about where it all started, and the kind of journey they had.

Fans are especially heartbroken over the split because the news came shortly after Iyanna McNeely and Jarette Jones announced their separation. This was quite the unloading on Love Is Blind fans, as it means that there is no surviving marriage from the dating series. Fans are still willing to look at the positives, because both divorces are happening amicably, and the season has given them some great friendships too.


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Nick and Danielle’s relationship was not the smoothest, largely due to Danielle’s insecurities. Nick’s calm personality helped to polish her rough edges, and saw them through their ups and downs. Things seemed to be going so well from the start, even when they first met on the show. Here is a timeline of their Love Is Blind relationship:

Love Is Blind’s Nick & Danielle’s First Meeting

The pair communicated with each other while in the pod, and did not seem to have eyes for anyone else. It almost seemed like a perfect, too-good-to-be-true romantic bonding. When they eventually met in real life, their love seemed to grow stronger. The relationship continued, despite a few bumps here and there, especially during their trip to Mexico.

Love Is Blind’s Nick & Danielle Get Married

Despite the issues that they had on their pre-honeymoon vacation, the two Love Is Blind stars were still engaged, and eventually tied the knot on June 8, 2021, solidifying their commitment to one another. In the dating series’ season 2 finale, they both said “I do.” Danielle and Nick were happy to get married to each other.

Love Is Blind’s Nick & Danielle’s One-Year Anniversary

The couple marked their one-year anniversary on Instagram, with Nick sharing pictures of them together. They seemed to be doing a lot of reflecting. He shared a selfie of both of them, and in his caption, was recalling what their wedding was like. They had to deal with the cameras, production crew, and a lot of other factors that were required to make their televised wedding happen. He called the picture shown above one of his favorites, since it was taken after the wedding, when it was just the two of them.

Love Is Blind’s Danielle Files For Divorce

There were no warning signs. The timing was also shocking, because they were just notified a few days earlier about the split of another Love is Blind season 2 couple. It’s safe to say that the news of Danielle filing for divorce took Love Is Blind fans by surprise. It wasn’t until recently that they started speaking about their divorce. Now, they’ve confirmed the news of the separation to their fans, via Instagram.

Sources: nthompson513/Instagram, dnellruhl/Instagram

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