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This Tesla Traveled 752 Miles On A Single Charge

A modified Tesla Model S achieved nearly twice the normal range in real-world testing without recharging, and with only one major change made.

A Tesla Model S managed to travel 752 miles on a single charge. That isn’t a typo, the car actually traveled nearly twice as far as what’s normally possible. Tesla keeps finding ways to boost the range of its vehicles but that usually means double-digit increases and while that is welcome, it doesn’t really change charging behavior dramatically.

The first Tesla car, the Roadster had a range just over 200 miles, which was quite impressive for a fast and sporty electric vehicle in 2008. In modern Tesla vehicles, the range starts at 272 miles for the lowest cost Model 3 and goes as high as 404 miles with the Model S. The Model 3 Long Range can travel 358 miles on a charge, with the Model X and Model Y Long Range coming in third and fourth. None have been able to exceed those approximate ranges without taking extreme measures such as driving very slowly, avoiding stops, and other hypermiling techniques.


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A Tesla Model S recently achieved an amazing record of 752 miles on a single charge without relying on hypermiling. While it isn’t a standard Tesla, only one major change was made with the replacement of the battery. A company called Our Next Energy or ONE, put a prototype battery pack into a Tesla Model S and drove the incredible distance without recharging. The Gemini 001 battery has a capacity of 203.7 kilowatt-hours, about double that of a Model S, so traveling nearly twice as far makes sense. The drive was documented in a YouTube video that’s shortened to just under three minutes to make the uneventful trip go by faster.

The ONE Gemini 001 Battery

Tesla Model S With Battery Highlighted

On the company’s website, ONE describes how the results were verified. The Tesla Model S test vehicle was retrofitted with ONE’s experimental battery and placed on a dynamometer, which allows the wheels to turn while the car remains locked in place. With no wind drag and less friction than the real-world test, the modified Tesla Model S achieved 882 miles on a single charge, while registering a speed of 55 mph.

The founder and CEO of ONE, Mujeeb Ijaz, was previously Senior Director of Special Projects Energy Storage at Apple, and ONE is backed by Bill Gates and BMW as well. That means the company didn’t simply come out of nowhere to make such a big claim. However, this is the first big showing of its advanced battery technology and there are still plenty of unknowns, such as charging rate and method, durability, and lifespan. It is certainly an impressive introduction to the company and demonstrating ONE’s Gemini 001 battery pack with a Tesla Model S is a good way to attract attention for what’s possible.

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Source: ONE, ONE/YouTube

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