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Killing Scarlet Witch Will Unleash An Even Bigger Marvel Monster

Scarlet Witch absorbed the Darkhold meaning that she’s now trapped one of the biggest monsters inside her own being – that can be freed by killing her.

Warning! Spoilers for The Darkhold Omega #1 by Marvel Comics

To stop the Elder God Chthon from escaping the Other-Realm, Scarlet Witch just showed off her incredible powers by absorbing the Darkhold, trapping the monster within her soul. In The Darkhold Omega #1, Wanda Maximoff reveals she’s chained Chthon within her own being and that if she’s killed, the monster will be unleashed – making taking down the magical hero that much more frightening.

Scarlet Witch became the last line of defense against the Elder God Chthon after Doctor Doom accidentally awakened him by reading the dark book of magic, the Darkhold. Wanda Maximoff called on five of her fellow heroes to create a new Darkhold Defenders team to take down Chthon in the Other-Realm to fight back. However, the heroes became corrupted after reading the Darkhold to temper their madness, leaving Scarlet Witch to send the Darkhold Defiled instead. The twisted heroes fought against Chthon’s forces before Scarlet Witch, and Doctor Doom intervened – leading the magic-user to make a bold decision to stop the reawakened monster.


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In The Darkhold Omega #1 by Steve Orlando, Cian Tormey, Jesus Aburtov, Mark Deering, Roberto Poggi, Walden Wong, and VC’s Clayton Cowles, Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom combine their magical powers to stop Chthon’s forces and the Elder God, himself. After taking down Chthon, Scarlet Witch makes sure nobody can mess with the Darkhold again and opts to absorb the book into her being. She reveals with the Darkhold bound to her soul, Chthon is chained to her. The monster can only be freed in the events of her death.

Scarlet Witch Monster Marvel Comics

Scarlet Witch won her battle against the Elder God Chthon because she was willing to master decades of pain, allowing her soul to become the new vessel for the trapped monster. Absorbing the Darkhold should keep the book away from those looking to use it for nefarious purposes, such as Doctor Doom. In the process, she absorbed Chthon, making her death the only way he could return. Given Wanda’s mutant origins and ability to be resurrected, her soul might end up being a permanent prison for Chthon.

Scarlet Witch’s soul becoming the prison for the monster is a fitting ending to the Elder God’s reign of terror. Wanda Maximoff took down the villain once and for all, and as long as she’s alive, Chthon won’t be able to break free. It will be fascinating to see how absorbing the Darkhold later affects the Scarlet Witch. But, for now, she earned a much-deserved victory against Chthon.

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