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How Young Sheldon Season 6 Develops Messy Mary-George-Brenda Dynamic

Young Sheldon season 6 producer Steve Holland discusses how Mary, George, and Brenda’s budding love triangle is about to get messy. The Coopers had a difficult time towards the end of season 5, after news came out about Georgie’s pregnancy. But while the youngest Cooper sibling is at the center of that issue, his mistake also has a ripple effect on all members of his family, including his parents. Stemming from Georgie’s predicament, not only did Mary and George lose both of their full-time jobs, but they were also forced to re-examine their relationship, as they see history repeating itself with their firstborn.


The Cooper parents’ relationship has long been on shaky ground, but because they have been mostly busy with their respective responsibilities at home, they are able to ignore their growing problem. Unfortunately, since George developed a crush on Brenda, it seems like The Big Bang Theory prequel is finally setting up Sheldon’s story about catching his dad cheating on his mom. Young Sheldon season 6 is about to continue this unsavory plotline as Mary begins working closely with her husband’s potential mistress.

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Speaking with TV Insider, Holland talks about developing the messy dynamic of Mary, George, and Brenda in Young Sheldon season 6. According to the producer, the Cooper matriarch spending more time with their neighbor puts more tension on Brenda’s relationship with George. For some reason, despite not knowing about her husband’s flirtations with her new co-worker, Mary and George’s marriage will also be impacted by this new set-up. Read Holland’s full quote below:

It brings up some tension between George and Mary and George and Brenda.

George and Brenda’s potential affair started at the end of season 4. After continuing the narrative in its first few episodes, Young Sheldon season 5 seemingly dropped it, until it was effectively revived at the end of the same year. At this point, George and Brenda haven’t done anything wrong, technically. While it’s clear that they are attracted to each other, they haven’t acted on it, at least based on what’s been shown on The Big Bang Theory prequel thus far. It isn’t outside the realm of possibility that Young Sheldon has been quietly developing their romance off-screen. In any case, Mary and the rest of the Cooper clan are unaware of this. But as she starts spending more time with Brenda, it’s possible that George’s feelings for their neighbor finally come out in the open.

For what it’s worth, George isn’t the only one who has developed an attraction to someone else. In season 5, Young Sheldon surprisingly revealed that Mary was fantasizing about her new co-worker, Youth Pastor Rob. Since getting fired from the church, there was an assumption that it would also effectively end this unexpected plotline. But seeing the Coopers return to the church in the Young Sheldon season 6 trailer, it seems like CBS is planning on furthering this storyline. If this is the case, then season 6 may see both of Sheldon’s parents engaging in their respective extra-marital affairs.

Source: TV Insider

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