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Skyrim Mod Makes Using Beds More Realistic

Skyrim is all about immersion, but that illusion can sometimes be shattered when even doing something basic like sleeping seems a little unrealistic.

A new mod has been released which makes using a bed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim more realistic for both the player and NPCs. As a game that features notable inns and taverns, there is plenty of opportunity for the Dragonborn to lay their head down after a long day out and about in Tamriel. There are some benefits to a good slumber, but some may find that the way the player and the other world inhabitants use things like beds is not quite true to life.


That’s where this latest modification comes into play. Given The Elder Scroll‘s status as a western RPG with awesome world building, Skyrim is certainly no stranger to the modding community. Pretty much since day one, nearly 11 years ago, the community has been hard at work improving on Bethesda’s formula. Those who play the game, especially on PC, know the value of customizing the experience with all manner of fan-created mods that can really add to a playthrough.

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This particular one comes from user JaySerpa, who is something of a veteran when it comes to making Skyrim mods, and is simply titled “Use Those Blankets.” In a nutshell, it implements a more realistic way of using beds, particularly when it comes to the blankets. It allows the player to wrap themselves up all comfy in a bed, giving the option to be under the blanket rather than simply lying on the bed. This also works for NPCs, who will now automatically use the covers and get inside their bed or bedroll. The only downside, according to the creator, is that the “meshes are ugly,” but the visuals don’t affect the more immersive quality of the mod.

Sleeping is not a major necessity in the game, unless one is playing Skyrim in Survival Mode, in which levelling up can only be achieved by going to sleep. Still, it can be a little bit of an immersion breaker to see guards lying on top of the covers, in full armor as well, and while “Use Those Blankets” doesn’t do anything about NPCs putting on pajamas or anything, it does add that extra bit of realism to the world.

As mentioned above, JaySerpa has been putting out mods for TES5 for some time now. A recent one makes it so NPCs in Skyrim react to necromancy, and they’ve also made one that allows stealth players to spy through keyholes. Essentially, the modding scene is awash with talented types who have a goal in mind to keep making the 2011 epic RPG a lot more engaging.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Nexus Mods

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