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Ezra Miller Reportedly Calling Themself Jesus on the Set of ‘The Flash’

Ezra Miller referred to themself as Jesus on 'The Flash' set

Image: Wikimedia Commons / Warner Bros. Discovery / Remix by Jamie Dunkin

Ezra Miller’s very public descent into madness and alleged misdeeds have clouded most of the press on The Flash, and it’s only getting weirder thanks to a new report.

After a troubling rap sheet of arrests against Miller over the last 18 months, audiences have gotten very finicky about the future of their role in the upcoming blockbuster The Flash. Things have only gotten stranger, as Vanity Fair has reported on the bizarre actions of Miller whilst on set filming the big Warner Bros. film.

Chief among these is their strange habit of referring to themselves as either ‘Jesus’ or ‘The Devil’, alternating between the two at any given moment. Insiders said Miller viewed the Flash as the “Jesus of the multiverse”, and got heavily into religious symbolism and allegory. Vanity Fair also reported of alleged emotional and verbal abuse from Miller, who alienated those around them.

The report also said they hired a spiritual advisor who told them Freemasons were sending demons to kill them because that sounds like a very normal suggestion and thing to happen. Miller also started calling a mountainous farm their compound/home known as ‘The Mountain’, with reports they would show guests an altar filled with stray bullets and Flash figurines for them to pray at.

Miller recently apologized for their eccentric behavior and promised to do better, but means little in the eyes of many of the public. A survey from Aug. 2022 ended with the conclusion many believed The Flash should never be released because of Miller’s misdeeds and troubling aura surrounding him.

Time will tell just how Warner Bros. will market the film, with it not too far around the corner for its June 23, 2023 release date.

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