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10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Sylvie As A Character

Though Loki stepped into the spotlight in his own MCU Disney+ series, Sylvie quickly stole the show as another version of the God of Mischief. Like the Loki fans all know, Sylvie is a trickster and a bit of a villain, though she has other qualities that define her as a totally unique character on her own.

Some key quotes said by Sylvie or about her by other characters highlight what kind of character she is. They show her badass qualities, her tragic side, and those aspects that made her one of the most exciting new MCU characters.


10 “This Isn’t About You.”

Sylvie – Loki (2021)

One of the most interesting aspects of Sylvie as a character is how she is able to show Loki new sides of himself while also falling into the same pitfalls he has been victim to. She can point out one quality about Loki that has held him back for so long, but then she proves to be guilty of the same mistake.

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When they first meet, Loki assumes Sylvie’s mission is all about him. She rightfully points out that all Lokis are so self-cantered while she sees herself on a mission bigger than herself. Of course, by the end of that mission, she chooses herself over the rest of the multiverse.

9 “Because I’m Not Supposed To Exist.”

Sylvie – Loki (2021)

There are certainly some things that make it hard to agree with Sylvie’s actions, but she is also one of the most relatable MCU villains. It is not hard to sympathize with her as she is being told that her very existence is a crime.

In a rare vulnerable moment, Sylvie tells Loki about her life on the run with her presence in any timeline causing a Nexus Event because she wasn’t supposed to be there. Having that feeling of not belonging anywhere fuels some of Sylvie’s worst behavior.

8 “She’s Not Trying To Take Over The TVA, She’s Trying To Take It Down.”

Loki – Loki (2021)

Part of the reason Sylvie is the best Loki variant is how she separates herself from the pack and even inspires the others to be better. And when Loki meets all the other failed versions of himself, he explains this to them.

He tells them that Sylvie is different than they are, not consumed with a flawed “glorious purpose” to rule, but rather to stop the TVA and they oppressive ways. It shows that Lokis can be better than they are.

7 “Maybe Love Is Hate.”

Sylvie – Loki (2021)

Loki and Sylvie certainly share similarities, but it is fun to see the ways in which they view the world differently. After meeting an old woman on the doomed planet of Lamentis, Loki remarks that she hated her husband only for Sylvie to suggest hate could be just another form of love.

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This speaks to the way she has lived all her life, never being close enough to anyone to feel real love and having hatred boiling inside her. However, it also speaks to her relationship with Loki. She grew up hating being called a Loki only to meet one who she forms a connection with.

6 “Do You Think You’re Even Capable Of Trusting Anyone At All?”

Sylvie – Loki (2021)

Throughout his time in the MCU, Loki was always double-crossing people and playing his mischievous games. However, Sylvie once again shed light on Loki in a way he was unable to see in himself by suggesting that he is the one who doesn’t trust people.

Sylvie knows this all too well herself as she has never had someone in her life that she could put her trust in. it makes for a very tricky relationship between these two tricksters.

5 “Because We’re The Same.”

Sylvie – Loki (2021)

Despite her somewhat villainous ways, Sylvie is one of the bravest new MCU characters. This is really seen in the moment in which she and Loki face down with the Alioth and attempt to use their combined magic to subdue him.

Loki isn’t sure that he has the power to pull it off, but Sylvie assures him he does because they are both the same. Her admission that she shares a connection with Loki after denying that part of herself for so long gives hope of her finding that acceptance she has been denied for so long.

4 “Do You Think That What Makes Loki A Loki Is The Fact That We’re Destined To Lose?”

Sylvie – Loki (2021)

With all the Lokis converging in the series, they have a chance to see the failure each one of them has experienced despite their grand ambitions. Though Sylvie often seems like the strongest among them, she even has moments of doubt.

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She questions whether being a Loki means they are destined to fail. This perhaps foreshadows the end of season 1 when Sylvie makes a choice based on her own ambitious desires and it leads to disaster.

3 “How Do I Know That In The Final Moments, You Won’t Betray Me?”

Sylvie – Loki (2021)

Along with being a rather unusual pair, Loki and Sylvie are one of the most tragic MCU couples. Just as they seem to be forming a connection that neither of them had ever had in their life, Sylvie questions how she could possibly trust Loki.

It is another example of the curse these gods of mischief share in that their lives are filled with lies and deceit so they expect it in everyone else.

2 “But I’m Not You.”

Sylvie – Loki (2021)

In the end, Sylvie leans into those distrustful feelings as she and Loki find themselves on the opposing sides of how to handle He Who Remains. When Loki pours his heart out to her in an attempt for her to see things his way, she rejects that connection between them by insisting she is not Loki.

Just as Loki finds tremendous character growth, Sylvie spirals into the same issues he always had. She denies herself someone who genuinely cares about her in the pursuit of what she believes is a high purpose.

1 “If Anyone’s Anyone, You’re Me.”

Sylvie – Loki (2021)

The Multiverse Saga has opened the world of the MCU in some epic ways with Sylvie being only one of many characters with unique and exciting adventures of their own. Loki is introduced to this reality as well in Loki and realizes he is just one small part of it.

When they first meet, Loki refers to Sylvie as a version of himself. Of course, Sylvie sees it differently, insisting that she is the center of the story and Loki is just some version of her that’s in the way. She is a confident and strong person who knows she is the main character of her story.

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