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Death Finally Means Something In Comics Now That Doctor Strange Is Dead

This article contains spoilers for Midnight Suns #1

Marvel’s Doctor Strange is dead, and for the first time in years, death in comics actually has consequences. The Sorcerer Supreme was recently murdered by a classic villain, sending the magical community into a tailspin from which it has never truly recovered. Now, Midnight Suns #1 reveals the massive hole Doctor Strange’s death has left in the magical community – and the new assembled team won’t be enough to fix it.

In 2021’s Death of Doctor Strange, the good doctor is murdered by a mysterious assailant, causing the Avengers and his magical friends to join forces and solve the mystery. Complicating matters is an earlier version of Doctor Strange, a time remnant sent into the future to investigate his own murder. Eventually the time remnant was able to determine his murderer (a collaborative effort between Baron Mordo and Kaiceilius), resurrect the original Doctor Strange, and defeat the Galactus-type monster that had invaded Earth in the process. Unfortunately, both versions of Doctor Strange died again after the battle, this time for good.


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The magical community has never truly replaced Doctor Strange, and in Midnight Suns #1, written by Ethan Sacks with art by Luigi Zagaria, his absence is felt on a grand scale. A massive supernatural vision affects everyone on Earth, especially those with magical abilities; the vision concerns Zoe, a student at Doctor Strange’s Strange Academy, as the “…bringer of ruin…and either she is vanquished, or the world will be.” As the students at the Academy wonder about Zoe’s true nature and others run away from her, the Midnight Suns vow to protect her and discover the origin of the vision. Unfortunately, Strange’s death makes this goal quite difficult to achieve.

The latest Midnight Suns roster includes Blade, Wolverine, the Spirit Rider, Niko and Magik – and unfortunately, none of them can explain the vision. Doctor Strange sat on numerous Midnight Suns teams, and he was usually the character to explain whatever magical phenomena befell the team. Unfortunately, his death makes this impossible – and not only are the Midnight Suns operating in the blind, they have also lost access to Doctor Strange’s powerful spells that could easily end this conflict in an instant. Even Agatha Harkness and Doctor Doom, with all their knowledge, can’t see the precise nature of the vision.

There is, however, a ray of hope: Doctor Strange is now the Harvestman in the new Strange series, a book all about Doctor Strange’s wife Clea. She has tremendous magical power (since she isn’t human, but rather originates from the Dark Dimension) and seeks to resurrect her lost love. Even so, it doesn’t appear that Doctor Strange will return from the dead any time soon, if at all, and the Midnight Suns are without their strongest teammate in their most dire hour.

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