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Marvel’s New Crossover Makes The Eternals’ MCU Villain Even Worse

Marvel Comics’ summer crossover Judgement Day shines a significant spotlight on the Deviant Kro, making his MCU counterpart look even worse.

This post contains SPOILERS for A.X.E: Death to the Mutants #2

Thanks to the Eternals’ current crossover with the Avengers and X-Men, the Deviant known as Kro is given a major spotlight in Marvel’s Judgment Day, making his MCU counterpart look even worse. Having been the leader of the Deviants for thousands of years, Kro is no stranger to the Eternals whose primary directive is their annihilation of his people. However, the Deviants have currently found themselves allied with a group of Eternal defectors, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and most importantly mutantkind. To that end, Kro proves himself to be a far more compelling character compared to his live-action depiction.


In Marvel Studios’ Eternals, the Deviants were nothing more than animalistic apex predators created by the Celestials, rather than an opposing force of intelligent beings with a mass variety of different abilities as they are in the comics. As such, Kro was simply the only Deviant lucky enough to absorb the Celestial energy of Ajax and Gilgamesh, becoming transformed into a humanoid with sentience. However, this final metamorphosis didn’t last long as he was killed soon after by Thena when he tried to kill and absorb her power as well.

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In comparison, Kro has always been an extremely intelligent and charismatic leader in the comics (he’s even had romantic relationships with Thena). Having the ability to shape-shift while also having special shades that allow him to see multiple spectrums of light, Kro also projects a very suave personality which is very entertaining to see in action now that he and Deviants are allied with mutants to fight the Eternals and the Progenitor Celestial. As seen in A.X.E: Death to the Mutants #2 from Kieron Gillen and Guiu Vilanova, Kro is seen negotiating with the X-Men’s Emma Frost, confidently forging an alliance and planning offensives (while also doing a bit of flirting at the same time). As such, it further proves that the MCU incredibly wasted his character.

Essentially, the Marvel Universe’s current Prime Eternal Druig discovered a commonality between the DNA of mutants and the Deviants. As such, mutantkind is now being seen as a subspecies of Deviant in the eyes of the Eternal majority, hence the current war being seen in Marvel’s Judgment Day crossover. In response, Kro knows that offering to help the X-Men is the smartest way for both races to survive the current war while also forging the strongest alliance for the future they’ve ever had in the process.

While there shouldn’t have been any expectations that the MCU’s Kro would have as complex an arc as the comics’ version currently does, Judgment Day proves the Eternals’ primary foe should have received much more depth and dimension than he did. At any rate, it’s going to be very exciting to see where Kro and his people go next in the Marvel Universe. A.X.E: Death to the Mutants #2 is on sale now.

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