Thursday, September 29, 2022

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Johnny Depp May Not Want To Return For Pirates Of The Caribbean 6, But He’s Certainly Game To Go Full Captain Jack Sparrow For The Fans

Though we’ve known for some time that Disney would be moving forward with new iterations of Pirates of the Caribbean that would not star Johnny Depp, the actor also made it clear during his defamation trial it would take “a million alpacas” and more to get him back to play Captain Jack Sparrow. Still, while he may not want to return for the next sequel (despite the still-viral Pirates of the Caribbean 6 petition), he also is still game to embody the infamous character for fans. 

In fact, in a recent video that went viral online, Depp brought up the line from the first Pirates film in which he and Keira Knightley. If you’re a Pirates of the Caribbean stan I know you know what scene I’m talking about (and if you’re not, we’re about to get into some 20-year-old spoilers). The two get stranded on a deserted island together, after which Captain Jack Sparrow decides to get very, very drunk. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Swann has concocted her own plan: burning all the rum, which led to the very quotable moment, below. 

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