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Titans Season 4 Might Finally Achieve Justice For Beast Boy

Though the character has been repeatedly overlooked in the show so far, Titans season 4 may finally make proper use of Beast Boy and do the hero justice. HBO Max’s Titans successfully adapts the titular superhero team to the small screen in live action, offering an impressive array of DC characters in the process. Led by Dick Grayson/Nightwing (Brenton Thwaites), the heroes of Titans have established a continuity that incorporates a number of key DC heroes, focusing mostly on those who are primarily considered supporting heroes.


Though the show’s cast has grown with each season, Ryan Potter’s Beast Boy was introduced in Titans season 1 alongside Raven, Starfire, Wonder Girl, Robin, and more. As one of a number of heroes, Beast Boy has always been part of a much wider ensemble. However, from season 1 of Titans, Beast Boy has been subtly failed by the show, acting mostly as a supporting character to other heroes in Titans‘ cast. Where other characters have been given considerable narrative arcs and attention, Beast Boy has been consistently overlooked in Titans‘ stories.

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The reveal that Beast Boy actor Ryan Potter is the first Titans star to co-write an episode may indicate that the show will finally achieve justice for the character. As Titans season 4 will feature an episode co-written by Potter, it’s likely that Beast Boy’s character is given at least one full episode of deeper exploration, indicating that the show will finally correct its oversight. As well as Titans season 4 featuring new characters, Potter’s writing credit teases the actor’s input into Beast Boy’s story, and it’s proof that the hero may finally be treated as more than a sidekick or punching bag for other characters.

What Ryan Potter’s Beast Boy Episode Of Titans Might Be About

What Titans has explored of Beast Boy’s story so far has hinted at Gar’s difficulty reconciling the animal nature of his transformations with his own personality. This is hopefully something that Ryan Potter’s Titans episode will examine in more detail, perhaps by finally showcasing the full extent of Beast Boy’s powers. Potter’s performance as Gar taps into the essence of the character, so it’s clear the actor understands the complexities of Beast Boy, so that’s undoubtedly something that he has attempted to communicate in his episode of Titans.

An episode in which Beast Boy finally confronts the other heroes about their previous oversight of his abilities could be one of Titans‘ best season 4 stories, because it would explore the tensions of their team dynamic as already established in previous seasons. Having Gar address the issue of his characterization in the show would be an excellent way of correcting Titans’ failure of the character, and it would also allow Potter to flex his own creative interpretation of Beast Boy in the process. Potter has described the episode as “something from the heart“, which seemingly hints that Titans season 4 will finally correct its mistreatment of Beast Boy by allowing Ryan Potter to help shape the character’s story.

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