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Side Character Deaths That Only True Fans Would Remember

Fans have been busy speculating about which characters they will get to see in the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy, hoping for old favorites from Harry Potter. Despite various spin-offs, the original series has continued to be the most popular, mainly because of its deep and nuanced characters.

Several of these players were sacrificed in Harry Potter while they fought against evil, but not every death is remembered well. The major deaths of Sirius Black, Albus Dumbledore, and Remus Lupin are mourned by fans worldwide, but there were many minor characters who lost their lives, overshadowed by larger plot lines.


Florean Fortescue

The ice cream shop owner made an appearance in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, helping Harry with sundaes every thirty minutes — and his History of Magic homework too.

He had a deep knowledge of medieval witch burnings, the Elder Wand, and Ravenclaw’s Diadem, which was the cause of his death. Lord Voldemort sought him out for information, and when he was left dissatisfied, the Dark Lord did away with poor Florean, who was a true Harry Potter side character with main character energy.

Bertha Jorkins

While a bit of a nuisance at Hogwarts, Bertha Jorkins’ death was still unfortunate. She worked at the Department of Magical Games and Sports, and sadly a visit to her boss’ home, Barty Crouch Sr., was the beginning of the end for her.

With terrible luck, she witnessed Barty Crouch Jr. in his own home, but Crouch Sr. sent her away with a powerful Memory Charm. Sadly, she also saw the supposedly dead Peter Pettigrew in Albania, who nabbed her and took her to the most evil Voldemort, who killed her after extracting information from her.

Frank Bryce

Voldemort hated Muggles with a vengeance, so it did not bother him that he had ruined poor Frank Bryce’s life for years, before eventually killing him with a Killing Curse. The murder of the Riddles was unjustly blamed on Frank, who was their gardener at the time.

Frank got out of jail for lack of evidence, but the accusation followed him forever. Years later, as Voldemort lay recuperating in the Riddle House, Frank chanced upon him and Nagini, which was the last breath he breathed.

Pandora Lovegood

Eccentric Luna Lovegood was well-liked for many reasons, and she and Harry shared a lot in common, one of which was the death of a parent. The dreamy young woman had watched her mother, Pandora Lovegood, die at the tender age of nine.

Pandora was a gifted witch who enjoyed experimenting with spells and charms, which backfired on her in a twist of fate while Luna was in the room with her. The circumstances are unknown, but Pandora died in a gruesome way, and her passing is why her daughter could see Thestrals.

Mrs. Abbott

Not much was known about Mrs. Abbott’s death, but it happened while Voldemort was on the rise for the second time. She was the mother of Hannah Abbott, and a Muggle-born, which was probably why she became a victim to Voldemort’s reign of terror.

Hannah was pulled out of class in her sixth year to be informed of her mother’s death, after which she did not return to Hogwarts. There were myriad faceless wizards and witches who lost their lives during this time.

Igor Karkaroff

A former Death Eater, Igor Karkaroff thought his days of service were over after Voldemort’s first fall, which was why he complied with the Ministry and gave up a large number of Death Eaters to get out of Azkaban.

His calculations were wrong, because Voldemort came back to power, which was when Karkaroff went into hiding. He survived for a year before he was caught by Death Eaters, which only happened because the Death Eaters were keeping a low profile before the Dark Lord’s full return.

Charity Burbage

Many fans won’t remember, but the ones who do would want Charity’s death to be reversed because of how barbaric it was. The Muggle Studies Professor was made a spectacle in front of Death Eaters because of her advocacy for Muggles and their way of life, and then she was ultimately killed.

Even worse, Voldemort fed her to Nagini after he killed her. Charity begged Snape to help her in the end, but he couldn’t, or he would have blown his cover.

Mykew Gregorovitch

Not only was Mykew Gregorovitch a renowned wandmaker in Europe (the likes of Viktor Krum owned wands made by him) but also a one-time owner of the most important and powerful wand in wizardkind’s existence — the Elder Wand.

Foolishly, Gregorovitch paraded the wand around and showed off his possession in a bid to drive up sales, but that only brought him attention he didn’t need. Grindelwald stole the wand from him, but Voldemort still came knocking at Gregorovitch’s door. When he couldn’t provide him with the all-powerful wand, Voldemort slayed him.

Ted Tonks

His daughter was a popular character, but fans may forget her father Ted Tonks because he was muggle-born, Ted had to run away and leave Andromeda and Nymphadora to keep them safe, but he never returned home.

The snatchers and Death Eaters caught up with him and Drik Cresswell, both of whom were killed for no other reason than their lack of pure blood.

Emmeline Vance

Emmeline was a witch who was extremely skilled, and considered an important member of the Order of the Phoenix, but her death might have been collateral damage to keep up Snape’s cover in Voldemort’s council.

He had given the Death Eaters Vance’s information, and she was killed near the muggle Prime Minister’s home. Her death was a great loss, especially because it was all just a ploy to keep the Dark Lord’s trust.

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