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The Most Quotable Real Housewives According To Fans

Plenty of moments over the years in The Real Housewives franchise have proven to be very memorable and quotable. The casts across the franchise have, after all, maintained their status on the show due to just how entertaining they can be on TV. Since the start of The Real Housewives back in 2006, there have been countless iconic scenes.

Starting as a show documenting the lives of a handful of wealthy women in Orange County with The Real Housewives of Orange County, the franchise has exploded over the years. Its viewership and fan base have expanded exponentially and has become its own subculture. Many Real Housewives, some of who are controversial, have stood the test of time and seen huge increases in their online followings for many reasons.


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Social media users love to quote The Real Housewives, with some of their iconic quotes living on in many memes. The Real Housewives has become a staple for quotable moments and material on the internet. However, only some of its cast members make a big enough impact to reach a consistent quotable status.

Nene Leakes From RHOA

Nene Leakes was introduced to audiences during The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 1. The OG instantly had a fan base, and it only grew over time as Nene was presented with more opportunities and created more than one iconic moment on RHOA. “The most quoted/meme’d housewife there is,” a fan said in the u/lankyjackwashere Reddit thread. “I have a Nene quote for every situation,” another user added. Some iconic Nene quotes include “I said what I said” and “bloop!”

Bethenny Frankel From RHONY

Many fans on Reddit also agree that Bethenny Frankel’s time on The Real Housewives of New York City has allowed her a position among the most quotable as well. The way Bethenny approached and handled arguments earned her several memorable quotes over the years, especially from the several face-offs she had with fellow RHONY star Ramona Singer. “Go to sleep!” “life is not a cabaret,” and “mention it all!” are just a few of the infamous one-liners Bethenny has given viewers.

Vicki Gunvalson From RHOC

Even though many fans are glad Vicki Gunvalson was fired from RHOC, there’s no denying she provided her fair share of memorable quotes. Whether she was going through a meltdown or just wanting to have a good time, Vicki had a stack of one-liners up her sleeve. Fans aren’t fully convinced she made “whoop it up” as iconic as she wanted it to be, but it certainly stuck. Plus, there are other quotes like “I’m being nailed to the cross like Jesus was,” “I was conned!” and “if I die right now, tell them she died sad.”

A handful of The Real Housewives come to mind when thinking about memorable quotes. Some have been capable of providing more than others. Some, like the ladies above, are among the ones fans relate to having the most quotable lines, despite not being on their respective franchises anymore.

Source: u/lankyjackwashere/ Reddit

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