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Genshin Impact Releasing Official Ganyu Visa Credit Card

HoYoverse is working with China Merchants Bank to create a Genshin Impact Visa card dedicated to the playable Cryo character Ganyu. Genshin Impact has seen a plethora of collaborations since its release in 2020 including Pizza Hut, Horizon Zero Dawn, and KFC, with Visa just being the latest evolution of HoYoverse crossovers.

The existence of the Genshin Impact Visa card in China has been confirmed by a Bilibili video and a Weibo post, but the Reddit community has been vocal in its support for the crossovers and more like it. Genshin Impact just recently entered its 3.0 update which changed many aspects of the action-RPG and brought tons of new content to the game, and HoYoverse continues to look at ways to expand brand awareness. Similar to the Pizza Hut crossover, this Ganyu Visa credit card is limited to Genshin Impact fans located in China but if the momentum continues for HoYoverse, something similar may make it to the West.


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Among the Genshin Impact Visa assets shared by HoYoverse is a video that has many aesthetic similarities to the action-RPG, showing the card being formed from flower petals as if it were created in the game. With the contactless and chip options visibly offered on the Visa card, the animated reveal of the China Merchants Bank Visa zooms in to show the Cryo hero Ganyu standing next to her name and where she’s from featured well above a Union Pay logo. Because of her Cryo abilities, the Visa card color is a fittingly calm blue, and like in a Genshin Impact banner there are clouds in the background behind the character alongside a diamond shape.

Given how fresh the collaboration is, little is known about the Ganyu Visa card from China Merchants Bank beyond the fact that Genshin Impact fans in the country have another way to express their appreciation for the game. Credit cards are often used as a method of payment for microtransactions in games like Genshin Impact, and although the massive powerhouse that is Fortnite never got its own Visa, World of Warcraft had a collection of them in its early days. It’s currently unclear how many of these Ganyu Visa cards will be distributed from China Merchants Bank, but like other Genshin Impact crossovers, it may only be available for a limited time.

Many Genshin Impact players have taken to various posts about the Ganyu Visa card to lament that it’s only available in China, suggesting that it would see success in other regions. Given that Genshin Impact fans have their favorite characters, others like Itto, Kazuha, the Traveler, and Geo user Zhongli have been recommended for potential future releases.

Genshin Impact is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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Source: Reddit

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