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5-Letter Words Ending With CK September 18 2022

Players of Wordle know exactly how fun it gets to keep up a scoring streak in the game. It’s a form of a bragging right that implies players have an expansive vocabulary or a knack for solving puzzles, which is fun to prove when solving tricky puzzles. In turn, it’s reasonable for a puzzle like today’s Wordle challenge to become extra frustrating for players who couldn’t solve them immediately.

However, instead of giving up and looking for the answer outright, perhaps the clues below and a bit of analysis may be able to lead fans towards the challenging solution. The thing is, just what clues should players pay attention to when it comes to solving this particular Wordle piece?


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What It Means

Gamers who feel lost about today’s Wordle puzzle may want to consider identifying the term’s meaning. After all, knowing the meaning of the code does allow players to identify more helpful clues to lead to more useful guesses instead of risking wasting the day’s allotted attempts. At its core, this object pertains to a piece of something, often thin and long. This is popularly associated with a thin piece of wood, a conductor’s baton, margarine or cheese, or even a sports implement.

Alternatively, it also pertains to unwelcome measures or a threat (as opposed to “the carrot”). And lastly, this also describes the act of pushing or inserting something, usually with the intention of adhering said thing to a surface. This latter definition can be further expanded to pertain dismissal, being fixed in a position, or to accept.

Technical Clues

Looking at a word’s technical components can make puzzles like today’s Wordle challenge much faster to resolve. Essentially, technical clues of a word can help players find context clues and other useful hints that could lead to more practical and more efficient word guesses. Here are some things to note of:

  • The word has one (1) syllable.
  • When pertaining to the implement or the long and thin something, this is a noun.
  • However, when pertaining to the “act” of adhering to something or standing one’s ground, then this is a verb.

Suggestions For Starting Words

Starting words can enable more players to make some sense of today’s Wordle puzzle, as they now have a reference point. After all, these letters can help players identify more useful guesses. In the context of this Wordle puzzle, preferred starting words are:

5-Letter Words Ending With CK

Words close to the Wordle challenge today can make the puzzle much easier to analyze with familiar components. In this context, these similar terms allow players to see commonalities, such as letter usage, that may appear in the solution. With these clues in mind, the word for the day ends with -CK, of which there are 75 five-letter words that fit this system. Here are some of those words, including the solution to the puzzle:


Wordle is playable via browser.

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