Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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Tom Holland Tried To Be Young James Bond, But Landed Another Huge Project Instead

Without Tom Holland and his charming relationship with the higher-ups at Sony, Spider-Man: No Way Home may have never happened, with the world losing out on the current cinematic juggernaut that’s in circulation. However, even when those charms don’t work as they’re intended, the results can still be a net positive. No story points this out better than the time Holland tried to be a young James Bond, but ended up becoming a young Nathan Drake in the Uncharted prequel.

How James Bond Helped Tom Holland Land His Uncharted Lead

As he discussed his upcoming video game adaptation with Total Film, the current Spider-Man revealed that he made a confident, but failed pitch to put his own spin on 007. While that suggestion didn’t work out, it did help his studio partner crack just how to approach the film adaptation of the Playstation best seller. After years of development hell, Uncharted finally had its way forward, as described by Mr. Holland below: 

The idea of a young Bond film sparked this idea, in turn, that you could do a Nathan Drake story as an origin story, rather than as an addition to the games. And that opened a conversation.

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