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Hell’s Kitchen Renewed For Seasons 21 & 22 By FOX

After being ranked as the number one cooking show in the country, Gordon Ramsay’s series Hell’s Kitchen gets renewed by Fox for two more seasons.

Fox brought some delectable news to all the die-hard fans of Hell’s Kitchen by renewing its flagship competition series for two additional seasons. Ever since May 2005, the best aspiring chefs from across the country have been battling it out – often times while enduring the wrath of Gordon Ramsay – all for the chance of winning a career changing position at a top restaurant and a cash prize of $250,00. Last year, the honor went to Missouri native competitor Trey Garvey, making him the first male chef to come out on top since season 12.

While the pandemic put a halting damper on most entertainment projects, Gordon Ramsey’s long-running cooking competition powered through to produce season 19 and 20 during lockdown. While both seasons were filmed pre-COVID, their premiere dates was delayed significantly due to scheduling conflicts brought on by the pandemic. Season 19 ushered in a familiar face to the Hell’s Kitchen franchise as Gordon was joined by season seven contestant Jason “Jay” Santos. Jay took the role of sous chef for the blue team, accompanied by sous chef of the ream team and season  10 winner Christina Wilson.


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On Tuesday, Fox announced that their staple cooking series will be getting two more seasons. Within the network’s official press release, FOX Entertainment’s president of Alternative Entertainment & Specials Rob Wade spoke highly of Hell’s Kitchen and the show’s longevity. “In fact, it’s the show that first brought Gordon Ramsay to FOX, essentially serving as the launchpad for our long-standing relationship with him. We’d like to thank Gordon, our producing partners ITV and A. Smith & Co. and the entire crew of this seminal series. We couldn’t be happier to have all of these cooks in the kitchen for its 21st and 22nd seasons.” Speaking of Gordon’s great relationship with Fox, the culinary personality has teamed up with network to bring about a new international production company called Studio Ramsay Global.

Gordon’s certainly starting his year off with a round of celebrations as he recently opened up yet another new restaurant – this time in Boston. Gordon took to Instagram on Monday to announce the opening of Ramsey’s Kitchen, his new line of restaurants that’ll see its first location in the Mandarin Oriental hotel. The menu is said to take each diner on a journey through Ramsey’s worldwide expeditions as an internationally acclaimed master chef.

Hell’s Kitchen has been on the air now for 16 years – with it reaching its eighteenth year milestone after season 21 airs. It joins the likes of Project Runway and The Bachelorette as one of the longest running reality competition shows in American television history. The news of its renewed seasons is enough to brighten any cooking entertainment fan. But the show’s longevity brings it into a territory that every long lasting television program approaches at some point or another: avoiding repetition. Sure, Hell’s Kitchen is the most popular cooking series out now, but producers will have to work hard to keep the structure of the show fresh for its beyond loyal fanbase.

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Hell’s Kitchen can be streamed on Tubi.

Source: Fox Flash

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