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Taylor Lautner Says His Fiancée Was Team Edward

Home Team star Taylor Lautner says his fiancée, Taylor Dome, was a fan of the Twilight franchise, but was on Team Edward, not Team Jacob.

Taylor Lautner says his fiancée, Taylor Dome, was a fan of the Twilight movies – and on Team Edward. Lautner shot to stardom when he entered the beloved franchise based on Stephenie Meyer’s books with the second film adaptation, New Moon. The actor brought to life Jacob Black, a shapeshifter who can transform into a wolf. As Jacob became ensconced in a love triangle with Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), the international Twilight fandom quickly divided into teams.

Over the course of the four Twilight follow-up films, fans debated whether Bella should end up with Edward or Jacob. The movies played into the “Team Edward” versus “Team Jacob” drama, attempting to keep audiences guessing even though Bella was always fated to end up with Edward, like in the books. In the end, Jacob imprints upon Bella and Edward’s eventual daughter, Renesmee, marking her as his life mate. Regardless of the outcome, the franchise gave Lautner a major fanbase.


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However, those fans didn’t necessarily include his fiancée. While paying a visit to The Kelly Clarkson Show to promote his new Netflix film, Home Team, Lautner reveals that his soon-to-be wife was actually on Team Edward. After Clarkson pulls up an old photo of his significant other wearing a Twilight sweatshirt as a teen, the host asks where she officially stood in the age-old debate. Grinning, Lautner tells her:

She was Team Edward. She’s made up for it. I’m allowing her to make that mistake – it’s in her past. So she’s good now, but she was not Team Jacob unfortunately. Still love her.

It’s not surprising that Lautner’s fiancée was a fan of the global phenomenon and had a favorite love for Bella. Though she didn’t ship Jacob years ago, Dome clearly supports Lautner today. The star has previously stated that she helped him deal with his anxiety from fame and actually come out on the other side, appreciating who he is now. Lautner needed that support after spending many years not leaving his house due to the constant attention from media and fans.

Though Dome sided with Edward during her teenage years, she is now slated to start a new life with the real-life Jacob. Lautner’s name is in the news again recently, thanks to his new film Home Team, and in a funny twist of fate, his former co-star Robert Pattinson is also back in the headlines promoting The Batman. Once again, Lautner and Pattison are trending topics, but this time, Twilight fans can lend them equal support.

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Source: The Kelly Clarkson Show


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