Thursday, September 29, 2022

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Jon Stewart Responds After Comments About J.K. Rowling And Anti-Semitism Go Viral

The Harry Potter franchise has been entertaining audiences for decades, with entire generations brought up on the beloved books and accompanying movies. The Wizarding World has been making headlines thanks to the Return To Hogwarts reunion special on HBO Max, although Jon Stewart recently entered the mix thanks to a hot take he had about Gringotts’ Goblins. And now Stewart has responded after comments about J.K. Rowling and anti-semitism go viral.

Jon Stewart has had a long and celebrated career, and he’s also known for using his platform to speak on important issues. But that’s not what he had in mind when recording an episode of his podcast and joking about Harry Potter. His words were taken out of context and quickly went viral, with some outlets reporting that he was accusing J.K. Rowling of anti-semitism. Stewart set the record straight on a new episode (via Twitter), recalling:

We were bullshitting about all kinds of stuff, and we started talking about Bar Mitzvahs. And Jay did a funny riff on it like ‘What chapter of Harry Potter is that?’ And we went off on a Harry Potter thing. There is no reasonable person who could have watched it and not seen it as a light-hearted conversation amongst colleagues and chums, having a laugh. Enjoying ourselves about Harry Potter and my experience watching it for the first time in a theater as a Jewish guy. And how some tropes are so embedded in society that they’re basically invisible, even in a considered process like moviemaking.

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