Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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It’s Actually Been Cold In Florida (No Really), So Of Course Universal Orlando Is Brr-y Cheerful About It

Contrary to popular belief, it does actually get cold in Florida. Having said that, it doesn’t usually get quite as cold in Florida as it has been the last several days. The Sunshine state is dealing with an unusual streak of awfully cold weather, especially this past weekend, which is probably surprising tourists as much as it is the locals. Many of those tourists are probably visiting theme parks, and Universal Orlando Resort is ready for things to get warmer again. Of course, they’ll still find a funny way to deal with the cold.

The Twitter account for Universal Orlando, which is always ready with a good joke, has been focused in recent days not on throwing shade at Walt Disney World, as it often does, but instead it’s just been focused on the weather. The resort is ready for this to be over. 

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