Monday, September 26, 2022

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Following Ruptured Testicle Story, Johnny Knoxville Confirms Jackass Star Actually Left In An Ambulance

Anyone who was even remotely present in the early 2000s has probably heard of the Jackass Crew. Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and even Bam Margera (who may be considered a former Jackass crew member now) were everywhere and rose to the height of their fame by performing dangerous and, admittedly, stupid stunts in front of a camera. This resulted in some pretty awful injuries. Jackass Forever is almost here, and bringing with it a ruptured testicle. Cast member “Danger” Ehren McGhehey got a pretty roughed up testicle from a stunt, Knoxville confirms the stuntman had to leave the set in an ambulance.

Ahead of the theatrical release of Jackass Forever, Johnny Knoxville appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and recounted the day “Danger” Ehren McGhehey took an injury to his testicle, saying that the stunts that made it into the film are just a portion of the damaging forces McGhehey had to endure that day. The bit they were filming with McGhehey was the “cup test” skit from the very first Jackass, which was then performed by Knoxville himself, where the stunt man wore a cup and took varying degrees of force to his nuts.

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